Episode 6:

This episode is all about how Hozuki and Bonbon met Zakuro and Susukihotaru and a little something on Zakuro’s past. After what just happened in the last episode, Ganryuu was upset that he was not able to protect the twins. To cheer him up, Hozuki and Bonbon told him their story:

Long time ago, two young female half-spirits were visited by a woman who gave them their names “Hozuki” and “Bonbon”.. The woman told the twins not to go out during the day and go near other humans. So, the twins only went out at night just to play and look for food. One day, the woman stopped visiting them and a man came and accused for the death of his wife. The twins left the cave as they were chased by the man. Later on, they were rescued by Kushimatsu.

Susukihotaru also remembers how she first met Zakuro and sees her as a happy-go-lucky girl. She is also afraid that she want the Zakuro that she first knew a long time ago to disappear. Meanwhile, Zakuro wants Kushimatsu to tell her about her past. But Kushimatsu tells her that she will know when she is ready. It turns out that Kushimatsu used to serve with Zakuro’s mom before and that this makes Zakuro wonder why she was under her mother, who is human.

Zakuro’s mom

Anyway, Zakuro went up the tree to get the kite that the pumpkin kids were playing. But then, she went into a trance as she heard her mom’s voice. She slipped and was about to fall until Kei runs in and catches her. Later, Kei repairs her pendant, which was her mom’s last memento, and places it around her neck.

It’s a nice episode after all the action that had happened. There is still more to show about Zakuro’s mom and Kushimatsu’s relationship with her. I had a feeling that Zakuro’s mom might not be an ordinary human. This episode also made a strong bond between Zakuro and Kei. But that’s another story.

Episode 7:

A woman visited Kei in the Ministry of Spirit Affairs and embraced him which surprised Zakuro and the others.

Whoa, who’s this mysterious flame?

Zakuro was very jealous but Kei told her that the woman is Tae, who works under the Agemaki household. Tae came to visit just to tell him to his father wants him to visit him. Kei asks Zakuro to accompany him to his father’s house. But Zakuro was pissed since Kei introduced her to Tae as his assistant.

Sorry, I don’t enjoy odango hairstyle

But still, she agrees to go with him. But then, Kei asks her to hide her ears which pissed Zakuro more. Anyway, upon arriving at the house which is actually a mansion, Kei and Zakuro were greeted by Kumiko, Kei’s little sister. Zakuro wonders why Kei brought her to his house and speculates that there’s a spiritual presence. Anyway, she also learns about Kei’s family. Turns out his dad is very into Westernization and hates spirits.

Aww, how sweet….

It is also revealed that Kei is not only afraid of spirits because his dad told him about it. It’s because he lost his pet cat, Itsue, when he was young and that he believes that a spirit took her. But Zakuro revealed to him that Itsue is always present at the house and that she is a spirit that has been loved so much. She even encourages the cat to reveal herself to her true form which scared Kei. But later on, Kei forgives her for being scared. Zakuro also comments that humans can’t see her spirit except for some such as Kumiko.

Anyway, it seems that Kei’s mom knew that Zakuro is a half-spirit and I bet that Kei’s family (except the dad) are spiritually aware. It’s indeed a very nice episode since we got to know why Kei is afraid of spirits.