I would never guessed that Zakuro is lactose-intolerant. And btw, the guys’ white uniforms look so hot!

Hey, what is this? OK magazine?!

Anyway, there’s seem to be a love triangle between Agemaki, Zakuro and Hanadate. Well, Agemaki seems to be a bit confused on his feelings with Zakuro when Susukihotaru asked him if he’s jealous that Zakuro is with Riken last night. But that’s another story because Hanadate arrived to tell the group about the kokkuri, which is a love confession game that young girls played. But unfortunately, a spirit came out and Hanadate wants to make sure that it doesn’t harm anyone in the village.

So, the group decided to play kokkuri themselves just to see how can they deal it. Well, the spirit (or as Zakuro pointed out, a manifestation of human love) was summoned and they decided to ask a questions which is……………..who is going out with Agemaki?

Nailed it! The three demon housekeepers kept pointing out the obvious between Zakuro and Agemaki which they both denied. Srsly, is this a gossip show? LOL. After all the argument, the spirit got out of the building. So, the group used their powers to deal with it and yeah, the song is back again. But it has no effect on the spirit. So, the only thing to make it go away is through love confessions.

Hanadate decided to join in which Kushimatsu hesitantly approved. Hmm, I wonder why? Did she know something about him? Anyway, this starts to get funny. The twins and Ganryuu have no problem for a threesome. LOL. Meanwhile, Riken seems to be pretending to act oblivious that Susukihotaru has feelings for him. Later, the kokkuri spirit was found by Agemaki, Hanadate and Zakuro. Agemaki decided to step in but Zakuro stops him, saying that he might said something which is not serious.

I smell smoke here

So, Hanadate confessed his feelings that he’s in love with Zakuro. Zakuro also awkwardly confessed as well. OUCH! In front of Agemaki?! Oh, shit, that really hurts! Even though he knows that Zakuro lied about it, he still feels on a bum. Aww, that guy needs a hug. Even Zakuro seems to be confused with her feelings. But it will be more confusing that Hanadate seems to be working the Black Widow. This looks interesting since it will be a twist that Zakuro will find out that her crush happens to be the enemy. Anyway, we’ll find out eventually. Right now, let’s give Kei a hug because he got dumped.