Though I did say that I won’t be blogging Iron Man, I’m still going to share my thought on episode 2-5. First on episode 3:

Tony, being disgruntled by Japanese rescue workers
I don’t give a damn on what really happened on episode 3. Nanami is like any other typical reporter who is nosy and the mad scientist is just a mad scientist. The only development here is that Tony is still viewed as the “Merchant of Death” which he wanted to forget about. And that is why he rescued that woman and her child without his suit. Now on episode 4:

Srsly, you’re Hugh Jackman!?
hat’s right, Wolverine (voiced by Rikiya Koyama, known for his roles as Shinigami of Soul Eater and Mamoru Takamura of Hajime no Ippo) made an appearance here. And Tony already knew this guy. All right, I wasn’t clear on this. How on earth did Tony knew about Logan? I mean, it’s kinda odd. Anyway, I’ll give my share on Logan’s new look.  Now, this episode redo the version on Tony’s backstory and his beginnings as Iron Man. They also reintroduced Yinsen (voiced by Hiroaki Hirata, known for his roles as Sanji of One Piece and Sha Goyjo of the Saiyuki series), who helped Tony escaped from his captors and later died for his cause. Well, Tony seems to have bad dreams about what had happened to him during his captivity. The real twist is that Yinsen is actually Iron Man Dio which confuses Tony since he knew that he died years ago. Now on episode 5:

Iron Man IN SPACE!
That’s right, Tony goes to space in order to stop another Zodiac prototype  which is responsible in making people around the arc station sick including Nanami. Here, Tony teams up with Sakurai (from episode 2). Well, it seems that Sakurai is not actually a bad guy but more like the aloof guy who would help others if needed. Now on Wolverine’s new look, there’s a trailer before where it features Wolverine in a bishie look. But it received a bad reception from fans. So, just like Tony, they redo his character design and made him look like Hugh Jackman. Well, he doesn’t really very similar to Hugh Jackman to me, but more like a skinny version of him. Anyway, the official website of the Wolverine anime is out. Just check out the new trailer and character designs