Yup, this is a new BL game to be released on April 2011. They say that it got the vibes of Togainu no Chi and Lucky Dog. From what I’ve seen in the storyline, it looks very interesting.  BTW, the main character can also be an uke and a seme. But he’s mostly uke. The character design looks very beautiful. The problem is that I don’t know who are seiyuus despite they use fake names and listening to their sample voice. I can’t quite distinguish whose voice is that. It’s like I never heard these guys before.

Anyway, the official site is up. Just check it out. Also, ponytale did an extensive overviewof the game. I’m already rooting on my favorite characters like JJ, Kiryou Reiji, Ugajin Ken and Ryuuzen. I had a feeling that Ugajin has the vibes of Midou Takanori from Kichiku Megane.


Another game that I’m eying for months is Hadaka Shitsuji. I keep checking updates on this one. So far, I’m waiting if this is going to be released this year. But since 2010 is about to end, I guess that maybe next year it will be released. Anyway, from what I’ve seen in the sample CG, THIS. IS. A. PORNY. GAME. I’ve read that the main character is a wuss who later, will dominate his servants. Srsly, what’s up with butlers these days? Are they trying to get the same sex appeal as maids or it is because of Kuroshitsuji? Anyway, the characters look interesting (except that old butler who I find him very disturbing). No, srsly, very disturbing.