Mr. Bushido?!

On episode 6, a virus is infecting the arc station’s mainframe and eventually every computer in the city. Tony decided to take the virus instead using his Iron Man suit. The culprit of the virus is a guy named Sho, who had an illness. He’s actually manipulated by the Zodiac to destroy Tony. But Sho realizes that Tony is fighting to protect everyone. So, he destroyed the virus and I don’t know how the hell did Iron Man managed to survive in space. Whatever, after the virus was eliminated, Iron Man was encountered again by the Zodiac mechs. Then, a new armor arrived to save him. It turns out that Sakurai is the one who is piloting it. Funny, that his suit looked like Graham’s mobile suit in Gundam 00.

Is it just me or that Yinsen now looks like some Bond villain?

On episode 7, Tony and Dr. Tanaka were abducted and trapped in an island. Tony’s arc reactor was stolen then, Yinsen shows up. Yinsen tells him that he has 24 hours to live in order to make a decision whether to join Zodiac or not. So, Tony had to use every scarp in the island to escape. But they were stopped by the Zodiac. Meanwhile, Sakurai contacted Nanami, who gave him on where Tony was last seen. Tony manages to send a flare to Sakurai who is in his funky and bulky armor.

Hooo boy…..
Now, this episode really reminds me of some James Bond movie.