All right, I decided to blog Iron Man. So, here it goes:

In episode 8, Tony becomes a  lolicon. Not really, the girl, Aki, found Tony because she escaped from the Zodiac. She also reveals that she has telekinetic powers. So, Tony has to take her in which Aki somewhat made a lot of mess then. Srsly, Tony isn’t fit to be a parent. And as for Tanaka, she’s going dere-dere since she kissed Tony in the last episode. Back to that girl, Nanami found some info that Aki’s parents were killed and she was sent into an orphanage. She was adopted by some people, possibly the Zodiac. Then, Sakurai gave Tony some information about Aki’s powers. But they were attacked by another Zodiac mech, Virgo, who is connected to Aki. Tony saves Aki but the latter lost all her memories and powers.

Round 1

Then episode 9, we got round one of Tony VS Yinsen. Yinsen destroyed the convoy holding the plutonium. Then, Tony arrives but he hesitantly fights him. He got distracted by another Zodiac mech while Yinsen took hold of the plutonium. Now, for round two, Yinsen calls Tony and blames him for the death of a woman, who saved him before. It turns out that the weapons that Stark Industries manufactured before were used to destroy the church where the woman’s wedding was.

Round 2

Then, Yinsen met a mysterious man, possibly the leader of the Zodiac ( I don’t know which. But it might be Cornelius Van Lunt ). The man made Yinsen think that Iron Man is using his powers for destruction and that the suit is a weapon. So, Yinsen had made a mass production of Iron Man suits called Iron Man Sigma, which were controlled by him only. I had a feeling that Yinsen is acting like Ultron. But that’s just a theory.

Iron Man Sigma

Anyway, Yinsen sent the Iron Man Sigma to attack the arc station. After the battle, he defeats Tony, takes his armor and throws him in the river. Now, with everything under his control, Yinsen moves on with his plans while Sakurai races on. Looks like things are getting interesting. I wonder if the Avengers or Nick Fury will show up here.