The guys and gals went out for the festival in their yukatas. Well, I think this is a fluff episode but I was wrong.  Riken observes that the humans in the festival didn’t seem to bother the half-spirits. Susukihotaru explains that the humans worshipped Lord A and Um which is why they’re nice to them. The statues of the two lords came to life. They even asked Zakuro if Agemaki is her boyfriend which she denied. Then, they even threatened Agemaki saying, “Hey blondie! If you make Zakuro cry, we’ll rip your head off!” Cue Agemaki, shaking.

Uhm, I’m not going to pull that Edward Cullen confession, okay?

Then, the gang entered this maze in which they have to race to the finish race. Here, the big twist……..Agemaki somewhat confesses Zakuro his feelings which made the girl run away. Aw, man! That sucks! But then, Zakuro suddenly disappears in a wall of light. Later, the girls asked Agemaki where Zakuro is. Agemaki felt that Zakuro must have hate him now. Ouch! So, he’s busted or something?

I have you now, my pretty!

Zakuro wakes up in a strange place, wearing those garments that mikos wear. Before that, she has a dream with mom who suddenly disappeared among those creepy black things. Then, the masked man entered and to her shock, the guy is actually Hanadate! But his real name is Omedake and he wants to rapemate Zakuro because his family blood was cursed and that they are destined to bear children. Well, that didn’t happened. So, Omedake asked Byakuroku to watch over her.

How dare you, bitch! My boobs are bigger than yours!

Agemaki and the gang were worried about Zakuro most especially that Mamezo went on a sleepy state since his master was far away. Kushimatsu concludes that Zakuro must have been in the Village of Oracles, the place wher half-spirits are born. Meanwhile, Byakuroku visited Zakuro to give her sheets and stuff. What’s nice here is that Zakuro, knowing that Byakuroku is her enemy, became nice to her. Aw, that;s so sweet! She even gave her power to her in place of the power she lost outside the village. Meanwhile, Rangui aka Black Widow was very jealous that Omedake is going to mate Zakuro. So, just like a jealous whore, she goes to Zakuro and tries to kill her. But Zakuro runs away and while in hiding, she saw two guards beating up a half-spirit. Zakuro rushes in to save her. Byakuroku shows up and tells her that half-spirits were nothing than tools. She even explains that the female half-spirits were lucky to look like humans but the male half-spirits weren’t. Then, those creepy black kids who reminded me of Silent Hill were calling out Zakuro’s name. Zakuro was scared and runs away as Byakuroku calls her out.

WOOOOOOOOO!!!! Best episode ever! We learned a lot of things about the half-spirits and all. Anyway, the next episode might be a flashback on Zakuro’s mom. I had an impression that Hanadate/Omedake might be a relative to Zakuro though his idea of mating with her is incestuous. But we can’t conclude that if Omedake might be related to her mom. I was wondering how will the series end then. Just 3 episodes left and I hope Agemaki can kick some ass this time. Maybe he will kick ass in the last episode just like Fumiaki in the last episode of Occult Academy. I also has a feeling that the reason why Zakuro is so wanted is that her power might have something to change the course of human and spirit world which is probably why Omedake wants to mate her. So, they can have the Antichrist. No, I’m just kidding. Well, we’ll see about that.