It is just me or that Yinsen reminded me of Takachiho Isao from Senkou no Night Raid? Well, yes, their seiyuu are the same guy and his appearance almost look like him. Anyway, Yinsen and the Zodiac demanded the Japanese government to disband JSDF and the National Diet and remove the US troops in Japan. The removing of US troops is very similar to the issue about the US bases in Okinawa which most Japanese wanted them to get out. But the disbandment of the JSDF and National Diet is very imperialist and far right-wing which confuses me because is there any member of the Zodiac who is an ultra-nationalist? Idk about Yinsen since in the comics, he’s Chinese (the live-action movies didn’t state his nationality but it’s hinted that he’s an Arab) but his role here is more likely the spokesperson and a pawn of the Zodiac.

So, this is the Prime Minister?! LOL, so Koizumi is still PM?! I know that in the comics they use Obama’s or Bush’s appearance as the US president. But Koizumi? So, they didn’t use current PM, Naoto Kan?

Anyway, Tony was saved by Sakurai, who told him that he can’t do anything since the Defense Minister ordered him not to use the Ramon Zero. I had some suspicions on the Defense Minister since he’s very willing to exchange his life in favor of releasing the hostages in the arc station. But we never get to know what really happened to him after he was taken in by the Zodiac.

Is it just me or that Sakurai reminded me of Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme?
What’s even more suspicious is that the Iron Man Sigma started attacking Yinsen. Tony realizes that there’ still some of Yinsen’s kind nature after he noticed that he didn’t attack Dr. Tanaka and Nanami’s cameraman. Well, it seems that Yinsen is about to have a change of heart. But he took the blast from the Iron Man Sigma.

Just like Isao, he’s nothing but a pawn
Before he dies, Yinsen reveals that the Zodiac’s plan is just beginning. So, does that mean that the real villain is out there? Could be the Defense Minister whose forehead is stamped “I AM THE REAL VILLAIN” since his appearance marks the resemblance of a villain and his actions which are indeed suspicious? BTW, in the preview, it seems that Tony will be fighting against Sakurai. I bet that Sakurai is being manipulated by the Defense Minister. The preview also suggests that Tony will be arrested again and I also see Sakurai behind bars. I think I know where this is going……srsly, am I experiencing deja vu here because this episode and possibly the next episode reminded me of Senkou no Night Raid (well, Night Raid don’t have Iron Man suits, just superpowers)?