You could tell that tsundere genes are inheritable

This episode is much of a flashback on Zakuro’s mom, Tsukuhane. It turns out the Omodaka (aka Hanadate) is her son which means that he is also Zakuro’s half-brother. But she was not allowed to see him. Being the most powerful maiden in the Village of Oracles, her only purpose is to bear a child. But it changed when she met Enaga, who later became Zakuro’s father. But he was killed by the douchebag Chief and as a result, he and the elders will have to convert the unborn baby inside Tsukuhane’s womb into a half-spirit. The douchebag Chief decided to treat  newborn half-spirit into a slave. But then, he and elders realized that the newborn possessed strong spiritual power.

Women rights never existed during that era
Tsukuhane decided to leave the village and bring her baby (who is of course Zakuro) with her in order to protect her. Kushimatsu tags along since she is her guardian. BTW, that pendant that Agamaki repaired last time which also Tsukuhane’s memento, contains the strong spiritual power that Zakuro possessed. But fearing that the Oracles will come after Zakuro, Tsukuhane sacrifices herself to the Chief, who is now Omodaka. BTW, Omodaka is also the one who told the previous Chief about Tsukuhane’s affair with Enaga. Srsly, the Oracles are a bunch of bastards who kidnapped pregnant women just to make half-spirits who can be as powerful as Zakuro and if they not like her, they become slaves. I think the biggest douchebag of all is Omodaka. I mean he betrayed his own mother and now, he wants to have an incestuous relationship with Zakuro just to get her power. I have a theory that the reason why Zakuro is powerful is because of her mom. So, I’m sure that not only the guys from the village are jerks but they’re also idiots.

So, after Tsukuhane’s death, Kushimatsu takes care of Zakuro and eventually, adopted Susukihotaru and the twins. Later, she met the elephant guy (I don’t know how to spell his name, sorry) and together, they became part of the Spirit Affairs.

Go Agemaki! Go and kick some ass!
Back at present, Agemaki and co. will now head to the Village of Oracles just to save Zakuro. Yeah, so go Agemaki! Kick Omodaka in the ass! Use your Spinzaku kick. Oh wait, wrong show….