Sorry Tony, this is not the Matrix. So, stop posing like Neo and saying, “I Know Kung Fu”

After the events that had happened, the Defense Minister told Tony that he will be taken into custody. He will be brought to the Diet building in order to get his name cleared. Along the way, Sakurai takes Tony to a small detour which is his home. Well, actually, his home is a dojo. So, Sakurai taught him about the Japanese philosophy of combat and in turn, Tony told him about the American philosophy which he called it Frontier Spirit.


And while this is happening, Zodiac took the capital by storm. They bombed the Diet building, took over the power plants and announced that they have taken over Japan. They even demanded that they want Tony set free which of course made everyone (like Sakurai and the Defense Minister) that Tony is part of the Zodiac.

Well, Tony, despite that he still has to prove his innocence (in which this subplot point is already forgotten later on), escaped. The Defense Minister gave Sakurai the orders to kill Tony. Sakurai reluctantly complies after the Defense Minister told him that Tony might be bent on world domination.

No, it was destroyed by ultra-nationalists. Yes, just like a certain Tokyo governor who is known for his douchebaggery statements and made the Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill which is already passed.

Meanwhile, Tony received a call from Tanaka that the power source of the arc reactor is sent to another place. She blames herself for it because she is aware that something is controlling her which made her send the power source to an unknown location. So, while going there, Tony is attacked by Sakurai in his Ramon Zero armor. Tony didn’t fight and reminded Sakurai of what he had taught to him. Later, another Zodiac mech ambushed them. Tony tells Sakurai to go the unknown location where the source of arc reactor’s power is heading while he deals with the mech. Eventually, Sakurai heads to the location which turns out to be the Zodiac’s main secret base. And to his surprise, it turns out that Defense Minister himself is the leader of the Zodiac.

The Defense Minister reveals that he is part of Zodiac because he wants Japan to go back into the days of Imperial Conquest and is bent on world domination. LOL, so this means that the Defense Minister is an ultra-nationalist? What an irony! Anyway, the Defense Minister wants Sakurai to join his cause. But the latter refuses so he fought the guy who is known to be his father figure and mentor. But  since the suit that the Defense Minister is more powerful than the Ramon Zero, Sakurai was defeated and then, he fell into the water.

There goes one brave soldier *salutes*

Back to Tony, he deals with the Zodiac mech which later retreats. Then, he receives a transmission from Sakurai who reveals to him that the Defense Minister is Zodiac. Before he dies, Sakurai told Tony that it’s up to him to stop the Zodiac and save the world. Aw man, that suck. I admit that Sakurai became my favorite character (sorry Tony, you’re not since I’ll never forgive for what you did in the Civil War and to Captain America). But srsly, I think his character was dragged too much here just like Yinsen. Anyway, it’s obvious that the last episode will show the battle between Iron Man and the Defense Minister.

And btw, another new Wolverine PV showed up too. This time, it shows Logan slashing out the Yakuza and even having a duel with Shingen Yashida.