I don’t know what’s really on Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara’s mind regarding the Tokyo Youth Ordinance Bill which was already passed last week. Anyway, the bill (also known as Bil 156 or the Anti-Manga and Anime Bill) amends the Youth Healthy Development Ordinance and requires the industry to regulate anime or manga that “unjustifiably glorify or exaggerate certain sexual acts.” The earlier version of bill (which contained the word "non-existent youth") was rejected last June 2010. 

For full details of the bill, just read Dan Kanemitsu’s blog.

Anyway, to clear up the confusion. The bill is not a ban and doesn’t impose censorship. This bill regulates general anime and manga so it’s safe to say that BL, yuri and adult genres will not be affected since they are already regulated. 

In response to that bill, 10 manga publishers boycott next year’s TAF. The reason is that they weren’t informed on the revisions and considering Ishihara’s personality, the old guy didn’t bother to consult them. So, yes, they were angry because they didn’t contribute anything on the bill.

For my take on this bill, I know that I don’t like too much ecchi or porn in general genres. But the vagueness of this bill and the person who passed this angers me. Why? If you have read the bill carefully, it seems that they didn’t have a rating system like the ESRB (for video games) or the movie rating systems. I think that’s the reason why most people think the bill is a ban or a censorship. The vagueness brought a lot of confusion and anger among anime and manga fans and those involved in the industry.

I understand what Ishihara is trying to do but srsly, looking at his biography, you could clearly hate this guy. Why? The guy is a homophobic, sexist and racist ultra-nationalist who denies Japanese war crimes and calls mangakas "lowly people" and that people who read their works have "warped DNA". Not to mention, this guy is a prestigious novelist in which one of his works were already adapted into a movie and an American TV series. But this guy and those who shared the same views as him are equivalent to Neo-Nazis. And I hate those people. BTW, some of his novels have something to with rape which is ironic.

And srsly, if you look at his interview with the Asahi reporter with regards to the bill, this guy is making too much excuses and obviously, no sense at all. Srsly, he’s one of the worst politicians I’ve ever known. I don’t really know the exact purpose why he got reelected thrice in that position. But it’s sad that the Japanese youth in Tokyo doesn’t give a damn about the society. Or they were overrun by old and conservative. Or they are already moved to Saitama or Chiba. 

Well, since Dan said that his term will end on April 2011 just before the regulation will be enforced in July 1, 2011, I just hope that the citizens of Tokyo would better not reelect this guy again (Idk if that’s possible to reelect a person who has 3 terms in the said position since Japanese politics are different from ours). And since Prime Minister Kan doesn’t like this guy obviously and worried about the TAF and there are still those who oppose the bill, I just hope that the bill will still be in question by critics despite that it’s passed. Otherwise, I’ll be very disappointed to believe that the Japanese government has stupidity, bad leadership and loss of vision as stated in Wikileaks.