Sadly, this is not Yosuga no Sora

While Omodaka prepares the union ceremony and Byakuroku escorting a catatonic Zakuro, Agemaki and the gang were teleported to the Village of Oracles through Lord A and Um’s powers. However, Agemaki was separated from the group and then, he heard Tsukuhane’s voice.

Finally, the guys got some action.
Meanwhile, Riken and the group interrupted the ceremony. They were surprised that Lt. Hanadate is responsible for the abduction. Before he and Byakuroku leaves with Zakuro, he orders his minions to dispose them. The minions summon their fox spirits and order them to attack. Susukihotaru heard the fox spirits’ voices in which they were begging them to kill them. Riken figures that they were controlled the priests. So, he attacks the priests which forced them to lose control of the fox spirits.

Byakuroku VS. Agemaki

Later, Omodaka and Byakuroku brought Zakuro to the place where her mother and father first met. Before he rapes Zakuro, Agemaki arrives. Byakuroku attacks him and then, Riken and the others arrived as reinforcements. Omodaka attacks them using fox spirits. Meanwhile, Zakuro is having a dream. In that dream, she saw the creepy male half-spirits crawling on the tree. She forgives them for being frightened of them But it turns out to be the young Omodaka.

You don’t need a geass just to see how awesome fabulous I am
Agemaki takes hold of Zakuro but he plans not to release her power which is contained that pendant because it’s her mother’s wish to let her daughter live normally. He tells Omodaka how Tsukuhane really feels. Tsukuhane blames herself for not being with her son and refuses to participate in bearing more half-spirits which is why she starved herself to death. It seems that Omodaka longed for his mother’s love and was disappointed that she met Zakuro’s father. It seems that he has an Oedipus complex here which is why he decided to rape Zakuro. But despite Agemaki’s words, Omodaka still and remains (for now) a jerk.

Then, Rangui and Daidai burn the village. Omodaka takes Zakuro away while Byakuroku joins forces with Agemaki in order to save Omodaka. I guess she understands how Omodaka feels and she wants him to be free from the hate that he had on his mom.

Well, looks like the finale is up next. Zakuro will kick ass again and I assume that Byakuroku and Daidai will fight each other. Now for his episode, I like it when the guys fight here. As what Riken said, they rely too much on the girls and now, it’s their turn to kick ass. I expect more on Agemaki to kick more ass here.