A special episode of Occult Academy is already out (well, last month).

Anyway, the first part is a music video of Yoko Hikasa’s cover of Morning Musume’s 1999 music hit  “Love Machine”.  Uhm, some parts of the video shows Maya’s legs….. Of course, the staff mixed a bunch of clips to make it look like that Maya is singing the song. Plus, the fun part is that why Maya is singing, everybody is dancing including Maya’s dad’s corpse which creep out Fumiaki when his head fell off. LOL.   A fun fact here: Yoko Hikasa who is Maya’s voice actress is also Mio’s voice actress in K-On!.

Here’s the original cover of the song.


Now the second part is a scene of Maya and Ami’s childhood where they found a legendary snake called the Tsuchinoko. They decided to keep the snake and name it Tsucchii. There’s nothing special about this episode except we get to know the Maya who is very fascinated about occult.

Hey, dad, can we keep the long and disgusting snake, please?!!?!?