I found this on youtube:

The Five Killers is an original creation from writer/producer Eric Calderon currently in development as an animated TV series (12 episodes with a 1 hour finale) with Studio Gonzo. The designs were created by up-and-coming manga artist Shigeki Maeshima and this pilot was animated under the direction of ‘Trinity Blood’ director Tomohiro Hirata.

The original script is being written by George Krstic (creator Megas XLR, series TV script writer for Star Wars Clone Wars) and famed US comic book writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come, 52, JLA, and the Flash).

The story:
When the best five killers are hunted
by the ultimate assassin:
3 Die.
2 Survive.
1 Lives… Forever.
Set in the high tech, high stakes world of espionage and global conspiracy, The Five Killers reunites the world’s greatest assassins years after their bitter retirement. One of them has been found murdered, and the message is clear: they’re next.
They’re names are SWORD, BOMB, GUN, KNIFE, and VAMPIRE.

This looks awesome and despite what most people said about the creator being American, he’s Filipino by blood. Wow, he’s really got a talent there since he also did Afro Samurai. But sadly he quit Gonzo years ago and since then, due to the financial crisis that the studio experienced in 2009, many animators left and the project was canceled.

That’s too bad. Calderon asked to get the rights of the series back but Gonzo is too stubborn. This show could be awesome if executed well. It’s even coincidental that the music came from Collateral and Bourne Identity.