Occult Academy is more than ghost-hunting. It’s occult with a save-the-world thing. This is Anime no Chikara’s 3rd project. This is somewhat similar to most ghost-hunting shows be it anime or Western. 


It’s very interesting. But it tends to focus much on Maya’s character. However, they did put up a lot of occult and superstition references most notably, Nostradamus and 2012 phenomenon. 

Unlike Night Raid, it ended with a bang and gave us some satisfying answers. Since this is an original anime, you really have to guess on who’s who’s and what would happen. It’s really a nice way to brainstorm and do a lot of guesswork on the events that would happened.


Each character has a unique personality and somewhat based off some characters of Scooby Doo. But the main focus is on Maya and Bunmei. And you can see that their past are similar and they have the same objective which is to save the world. But this is more like your tsundereXwimp couple where you may either find it irritating or funny.

The supporting characters really gave much laugh on the show most especially JK and Smile. Of course, there are also mysterious characters like the Vice-Principal and Mikaze. And you don’t even know whether which of these two is the good guy or the bad guy.

The character design is good. No bishie, no loli. Though most viewers see Maya as the token sex symbol. Well, probably because of her outfit and legs. But Maya has a competition on who’s the sexiest girl in the show: Mikaze.

The animation is cool but with little adjustments. The OP animation really rocks with the rhythm of the music. The ED is at least surprise because they use real people.

Let’s give a hand to Beethoven for contributing his piece for the next preview music. Yeah, the music is all right but not very memorable than Night Raid. The OP and ED are good too. But the OP rocks.

The voice acting is an all-star cast. Yes, Yoko Hikasa really showed something that she can voice mature tsunderes too and not only cutesy-moe girls like Mio of K-On! Well, she and the rest of the cast are indeed worthy for an applause.

Well, you can enjoy the comedy and all. But the balance in the story can make you irritated. The first episodes really make you hype. The middle episodes degraded you to boredom slowy. But the last episodes really make you excited again on what’s going to happen. I could see that the enjoyment of this show is more like in an U-shaped graph.

Generally, most people say that this is the best Anime no Chikara ever. Well, I have to agree on this since the premise brought more viewers than Night Raid. (I haven’t seen Sora no Wato yet so I can’t compare all three). But I enjoyed Night Raid as much as Occult Academy. Well, AnC’s projects are indeed original and enjoyable depending on what genre might interest you.

Except that, this show is not 100% perfect. While Night Raid needs more character development, Occult Academy needs more balancing issues. Also some find this anime very obnoxious, because of Bunmei’s character. I guess they watched too much serious anime.

Well, A-1 pictures have another original project next Spring 2011. I don’t know what are the details but it will be released at the end of the year. BTW, the project is called Anohana.

Anyway, if you’re really interested with occult plus comedy, then Occult Academy is the show just for you.

Story: 8
Character: 9
Art: 8
Sound: 7
Enjoyment: 8

Overall: 8

Highs: Good story with satisfying conclusion, great characters and voice acting
Lows: Forgettable OST, lack of balance in plot.