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Due to my usual impatience for waiting the subs, I watched Iron Man episode 12 in raws. I have to rely again on my rusty Japanese skills…

So, here it goes and I won’t post any screenshots because………………….


All right, after Sakurai gives his last message and later dies, Tony receives a transmission from Chika. When they met, Chika tells Tony the truth most especially that she is responsible for his abduction by Yinsen. Then, Defense Minister Kuroda shows up in his bulky suit. He activates the program inside Chika in which she turns out to be that Zodiac mech who fought Tony earlier. WTF?!?!  This is bullshit. How the hell did she magically transformed into a Zodiac mech, huh? Is she a cyborg or something?

Then, Tony, unwilling to harm the love of his life, was forced to fight her. Then, he pins her down, removes her mask and asks her to wake up. Then, everything stopped when Chika stabbed herself to deactivate the program inside her. Lots of crappy sappy love moments where Tony kisses Chika and only to realize that she’s bleeding.

Nanami and her cameraman arrive and Tony tells them to bring Chika to the hospital. After Tony left, Chika tells them to bring her to the arc station where she can direct the power source from the Zodiac HQ back. Meanwhile, Tony fought Kuroda in which he tells him that he’s the one who killed Sakurai. Tony goes in rage and beats him up. Except that since Kuroda’s suit is stronger (duh) and that the Iron Man suit has low batteries, Tony almost got pounded like scrap metal.

And then, Chika (in her suit!) was busy typing and directing the power source to Tony so that he can recharge. She actually told this to him via transmission. Tony doesn’t want Chika to do this most especially since she’s critically wounded. But Chika is willing to do it even if she dies. After that, Tony goes up the Tokyo Tower where the energy of the arc station is being redirected from the satellite dishes and then transferred to Tony’s suit. Tony, now recharged, attacks Kuroda and sends a kamehame wave blasts him, eventually defeating him. And then, Chika dies after loosing too much blood

Now, the reporters broadcasts the success of the arc station which brings energy to Tokyo and its surrounding cities. Tony looks up from the sky and flies away. The End 😛

WTF?! That’s it? No closure? So, what happens now? Will Tony still stay in Japan? Will he continue his retirement? Is there closure for him since his girlfriend and new buddy both died? Also, what happens to the Japanese government? Come on, we saw the Diet building bombed. Were there any survivors?

Srsly, this ending disappoints me. Well, by the looks of it, it seems that most anime fans who watched this gave a low rating to this show. Rly, Madhouse, what’s gotten into you? Were you guys drunk or something?

I’ll post my review soon.