I actually enjoy this ending. Good thing it’s not one of those troll endings, or those “bad endings”. But a good ending to end the series with a bang.

Anyway, Byakuroku, Amegaki and co. went to the burning village. Byakuroku found out that Rangui manipulated her sister, Daidai and discarded her. Before she dies, Daidai tells her that she’s jealous that she always stay behind her sister’s back but she didn’t regret it and still loves her. Byakuroku was in rage and attacks Rangui who is in her true form which is the icky gargantuan spider.

The power of love compels you!

After Byakuroku was defeated, Agemaki and co. together with Omodake who is carrying Zakuro arrived. Omodake tries to cast a spell against Rangui who deflected it. The bitch who is very obsessed with him grew mad that Zakuro’s name was mentioned by Agemaki. So, she tries to kill her but Agemaki protects her and he and Zakuro were tied up by her webs.

You’re dead, bitch!

The boys and the girls battled the bitch and I call this the most awesome teamwork ever. At that point, Agemaki confesses to Zakuro that he loves her. Then, Zakuro wakes up and tells him that he should have said it with the right timing. Now awake, she unleashes her power as she releases the energy from her pendant. The moon turns red and red droplets fell from the sky. Zakuro defeats the icky bitchy spider who then turned into dust.

Now, that’s way too creepy
You think this is over? There’s more. As the village began to burn down, Omodake races to the room where Tsukuhane’s body is only to find what remains of her is her bones. Well, he, Zakuro and Agemaki saw her corpse intact and not decaying but Byakuroku mentions that what she sees are her bones. I guess that Tsukuhane wants them to know she’s still here in their presence. Then, Omodake decided to stay with his mother’s corpse and Byakuroku, who has nobody else to be with since her sister died, stays with him.

I thought they’re going to dance

Threesome pinky promise

Why the hell did they cut the kissing part?

Now, here’s the real catch. Kushimatsu announced that the Spirit Affairs will be dissolved no thanks to Hanadate’s scheme. Then, everybody got emotional. But the most emotional part is Agemaki and Zakuro’s. Both confessed their love to each other in comedic levels. Then, it all went mellow in which Agemaki kissed her. Except that we didn’t see them kiss. Bummer.

They do look good together

Now on the credits, the girls and Kushimatsu visited the town and it seems that the humans get along with them just fine. And it seems that Omodake and Byakuroku survived.

Hey, I thought the credits rolled over!

Now for the big surprise that the Spirit Affairs is now reinstated. Agemaki and the boys appealed to their general in which he approved. So, it’s a happy day for everyone! Then, the pumpkins kids spoiled around by announcing that Agemaki kissed Zakuro which embarrassed the couple. LOL.

Hey, it’s Agemaki the kisser!

Zakuro: WTF?!?!
Agemaki: O_O

Agemaki: OTL

Definitely the most enjoyable anime of the season.