Finally, the epilogue episode of Senkou no Night Raid is out. The subs might be released next week. But I watched the raws since I’m impatient.

Now, from what I’ve read here, it is set 4 years from the events that happened in the last episode. so it’s 1936, 3 years before WWII and a year before the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. And the setting is Tokyo.

I check on the important pre-WWII events that had happened in 1936:

  • February 26 – The Imperial Way Faction engineers a failed coup against the Japanese government; some politicians are killed.
  • February 29 – Emperor Hirohito orders the Japanese army to arrest 123 conspirators in Tokyo government offices; 19 of them are executed in July.
  • March 7 – In violation of the Treaty of Versailles, Nazi Germany reoccupies the Rhineland.
  • March 9 – Pro-democratic militarist Keisuke Okada steps down as Prime Minister of Japan and is replaced by radical militarist Koki Hirota.
  • April 19 – The 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine against the British government and opposition to Jewish immigration begins.
  • October 25 – Rome-Berlin Axis is formed.
  • November 3 – U.S. presidential election, 1936: Franklin D. Roosevelt is reelected to a second term in a landslide victory over Alf Landon.
  • November 26 – The Anti-Comintern Pact is signed by Germany and Japan.
  • December 1 – Hitler makes it mandatory that Boys 10 to 18 join Hitler Youth

(source: wikipedia)

And since the subs are not yet available, I can’t tell what’s the story behind this episode. But srsly, Kazura is dressing up like James Bond! Not in a tuxedo actually. But srsly look:

LOL. He’s so fashionable. Anyway, from what I’ve understand here, he’s doing spy work on the Japanese Army. But he got caught and was labeled as a traitor.

“You expect me you talk?”
(my comment on this pic : why the fuck did you shave your hair?!!?!?!?!)

“No, Mr. Bond Iha, i expect you die!”
Then, look who comes to the rescue……

Turns out that Aoi is alive. He actually jumped out from the plane before it crashes and landed on the branches. Now, he’s with Shizune which I don’t get how he managed to find her since she has her memories erased. It’s either that she asked Ichishi to erase the memory of her as the prophet or that Aoi did what Adam Sandler did in 50 First Dates. It’s nice that the two got back together in the end.

So, now, Kazura is on the run since the military police is hunting him down. There’s no way he’ll go back to the military. Gee, this reminded me of the ending in that Angelina Jolie movie, Salt. But that’s what I’ve understood. So, I could be wrong. Anyway, since he’s a spy (a job which he’s good at but hates it), he can go into hiding during the war, take another fake name, had a normal life etc.

One notable event in this episode is that Yukina visited Natsume’s family and gave his belongings back to them. She got a chance to meet Natsume’s sister (who is already all grown-up). And now, idk what she’s going to do since Kazura and Aoi are going on their separated ways.

Oh, about the ED, well, they played “The Mission to Complete” and shows some pictures of the Imperial Army like this one:

On the last part of the ED, there are some random shots of the Tokyo street lights which were probably taken by one of the animators and the final picture is the building of A-1 Pictures.

Once the subs are out, I’ll give my thoughts about this episode.