My other post was a joke. It just expresses how I felt about the series. So, here’s a more detailed one.


Durarara!!, a fairly interesting show with tons of characters. There’s a mix of comedy, drama and action with mystery in it. It’s one package except that there are some who still felt it’s a little bit dragged most especially on the second half. Sure the kids did made the show a bit boring but luckily characters like Izaya, Shizuo and Celty managed to make me love the show. 

Arakawa Under the Bridge is the only show that made me laugh. Yeah, it’s light and not too heavy on the plot. The characters are great and I love them all (except for Stella). The animation is also surprising because the staff combined a lot of known styles here.

Angel Beats is clearly what most people think it is: a copy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Sure, the female lead is like Haruhi, the white-haired girl is like Yuki and the male lead is like Kyon. But it’s not. It’s way different than what you think. Why? It has tear-jerking drama and wild action and comedy. It’s also the second series that made me laugh and somewhat made me cry.

Senkou no Night Raid is clearly a sleeper hit of 2010. Why? There are a number of reasons: (a) some viewers think that it’s Japanese propaganda (WHICH IS NOT!) (b) most viewers are turned off by the superpowers (c) most viewers are not interested in Asian history which very very very sad and (d) most viewers are turned off by Japanese characters speaking broken Mandarin. I can’t complain them (except for the propaganda) since I know that they are expecting James Bond action. But clearly, the staff are taking risks here since the setting is a very controversial period in Asian history. However, I do admit that there are some faults here most especially on the characters (but I couldn’t help but I noticed that there is at least one character who is very developed throughout the show). However, this show fits my taste on espionage.

Otome Youkai Zakuro is another sleeper hit yet it was well liked by both male and female viewers. Sure, by the looks of it, it’s a shoujo series. But it managed to dodge some overused shoujo tropes except for the female lead being a standard tsundere. But it did brought out a fairly good story. 
Occult Academy is also an entertaining show. It has comedy, drama with Scooby Doo horror. But it can be fairly boring most especially on the middle episodes. The real issue is the balancing of the plot. But, in fairness, I like the characters except that I have a love and hate relationship on Bunmei and total hatred on Mikaze the bitch. 
Highschool of the Dead is clearly a zombie apocalypse show with boobs. No, srsly, you see boobs and panty shots everywhere. Ok, I’m exaggerating but it’s true. But if you ignore the ecchi part, it’s clearly your typical doomsday show where the main cast has to survive Zombieland. And not to mention in every zombie movie, the discussion on human survival and morality is still present.
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls is the show which you’re all wondering why I’m watching this since I don’t like ecchi. I’ll put all the blame on Daisuke Hirakawa since he voiced the main male lead and I just want to watch a show where he is not always being lambasted as Makoto Ito of School Days. And thankfully, he’s not. Fortunately, the staff used inkblots to censor which is very unique (and bothersome to others). But I like it anyway. The story is very interesting too if, like H.O.T.D., you ignore the ecchi part. 
Tatami Galaxy is also a sleeper hit but also well received by viewers. The art style is unique too and the story really divulges on psychology and philosophy. Sure, the male lead talks so fast but you’ll get used to it. Plus, there’s also tons of comedy too. 
House of Five Leaves is also a sleeper hit but well liked by viewers. Yeah, the art style might be off to moeblobbers out there and the story can be boring to some. But this is a fairly good show and the characters are very interesting too. 

In the lines of mediocre, here are the shows which fairly brought my interest:

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt is fairly a show which most people love and hate. The animation style is Western-like so yeah, clearly from Powerpuff Girls and Invader Zim. But in fairness, the story……….well, Idk. I also see it as a typical Saturday morning cartoon which is trying hard to be South Park.
Iron Man brought my expectations down as a whole. I don’t know what the staff of Madhouse had been doing but I could see that most viewers see this as the worst anime adaptation ever. And generally, it brought so much disappointment to Marvel fans everywhere. I don’t  know if I ever going to see Wolverince since the end result of Iron Man is like this. 

And, for the final bow:

Ishihara is a backstabbing douchebag. And by July 2011, the world of anime and manga is about to change, no thanks to him!