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This is an otome game (which means that you play as a girl who will be paired with a harem of bishies!). So, honestly, I haven’t played an otome game yet. I’m really want to play Starry Sky and Hakuouki but time fails me. And now I have to be very dependent on its anime adaptations.

Now back to this game, I’ve read in the synopsis that the player character is Asaki Haru, who came from a poor family and is employed as a maid for the Miyanomori family in the Taisho Era. Wow, Taisho Era, my favorite Japanese era next to Showa Era if only it’s not stained by WWII and ultra-nationalism. Anyway, the family has 6 hot sons who were all possible heirs for the clan.

This game is only available in PSP which is a bummer to those who don’t have PSP (like me).

Anyway, onto the characters:

From left to right (standing): Susumu, Hiroshi, Masashi, Shigeru, Tadashi, Isami
Seated: The father of the six sons

(info from Ljjakaca’s blog)

Tadashi (34 years old): The oldest son, Tadashi always assumed that he’d inherit control of the Miyanomori concern, and he has a tendency to look down on others. He’s in charge of the family’s banking business, and is a workaholic.

Isami (31 years old): Isami has a high rank in the military, and only cares about his country. He thinks that if you’re not increasing the power of Japan, you’re useless.

Shigeru (26 years old): As opposed to his older brothers, Shigeru hates rules and being controlled, and loves freedom. Though he’s part of a huge
zaibatsu, apparently he’s been seen performing in the city’s entertainment district.

Susumu (22 years old): As a police officer, he has a strong sense of duty and morals. He strongly respects his brothers and family.

Hiroshi (18 years old): Curious about everything, Hiroshi’s hobby is invention. He’s very friendly and often chats with Haru.

Masashi (16 years old): Masashi is immature and childish – he only does what what he wants to, and dislikes anyone who disobeys him. Sometimes he also shows a cruel side.

Damn, I’m already picking out my favorites here: Tadashi, Isami and Susumu. Idk, probably the suits made the additional points.