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Last December, I finally watched Macross Frontier: The False Songstress. It’s actually a retelling of the TV series same way how Macross: Do You Remember Love? retells the original Macross. So, there are a lot of changes but the story is still the same: Humanity is confronted by another alien lifeform dubbed as the Vajra and we got our male lead and his two muses.


The changes are that Nanase is not present in the movie. So, Alto fills in the slot as Ranka’s friend and they already knew each other. Klan also made an earlier appearance. There’s no conspiracy made by Leon and Grace for now. And Brera gets a new look and is Sheryl’s bodyguard. So, the main enemy here is the Vajra. But there is a supposed conspiracy here where the Frontier government suspects that Galaxy might be responsible for directing the Vajra to them and that Sheryl might be a spy. Also, Sheryl knows about Ranka’s song, “Aimo” which established a fine connection about them to the incident 11 years ago.

So far, no one died yet. I’m glad that Michel didn’t get the same fate he got in TV series. The sequel of the this movie, Sayonara no Tsubasa, will be released February of this year. It might give us more answers for this movie and who will Alto end up with. BTW, there are also new songs too like “Universal Bunny”, “pink monsoon”, “Sou da you” and others.

Now, last week, I watched Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer. This is a sequel to the Gundam 00 Second Season. So, yes, we know that Setsuna became an Innovator. A true Innovator for that. And we anticipated what Aeolia Schenberg planned. So, yes, the arrival of weird shapeshifting aliens called the ESL (Extraterrestrial Livingmetal Shapeshifter).

Tieria: Srsly, dude, what did we just watch?!
Setsuna: I have no idea.

And the ESL are a threat to humanity. So, ESF and Celestial Being have to defend Planet Earth from the aliens. There are new mobile suits and upgraded versions of the Gundams too. As the movie  progresses, notable characters died including the ones who we rarely know. And if you’re wondering if Setsuna has feelings for Feldt, well, you’re gonna be disappointed. Setsuna still love his Gundam. Here’s the downside of this movie. Sure the battle is great. More sparkles everywhere. But I find it stupid that the ESL’s mother ship is a giant hairball and later, after Setsuna establishes a dialogue with them, it turn into a giant flower (yes, the same flower that we all saw throughout the show). The ending itself is cheesy because it seems that they didn’t what happened to the rest of the characters who survived the final battle except for Setsuna (who became  the “Silver Surfer”) and Marina (who is now a blind old woman).

This movie is a meh. It’s like watching a concoction of Terminator x Transformers x Starcraft x The Day The Earth Stood Still. Well, this is the first Gundam franchise that features aliens and I don’t like it. If you want mecha fighting aliens, go watch Macross. I think aliens are not suitable for Gundam. It looks stupid if you ask me.