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Before I go on in episode 2, this is what I’ve noticed when episode 1 was out. Those people, who claimed to be Wolverine fans, complain about….well, everything. They complained about Mariko and the other Japanese characters. They complained about the romance part. They complained about Wolverine being beaten up by an old skilled samurai with a kendo stick. Blah, blah, blah…. Srsly, you think you really know Wolverine?! FUCK YOU. This story is loosely based on the 4 part comic mini series of Wolverine going to Japan. It was done by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont. Mariko, Shingen and Yukio are all from the comics. Oh, btw, Mariko will also appear in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine sequel. So, you “fans” out there, THIS WILL BE A BIG FUCKING SLAP ON THE FACE when the sequel will be released. So, STFU and watch the show.

Logan is pissed that you “fans” out there don’t like his story arc in Japan.

Anyway, the duel between Shingen and Logan continues as Logan unleashes his claws on him. But because of Kurohagi’s drug which was injected in his system, Logan collapses. The old man was pissed on the results and lets Kurohagi do whatever he wants. So, the sneaky bastard decided to leave Logan on the railway and get hit by a train. Asano, Logan’s detective friend, tries to save him but he was incapacitated by someone. This someone also killed Kurohagi’s bodygurard, who were the ones who dispose Logan. And then, this mysterious person saved Logan from getting hit by a train.

Asano was disappointed that he can’t find Logan. Later on, he was attacked and killed by someone. Then, Logan wakes up and finds himself under the care of Yukio. Yukio tells him that she will help him get back at Shingen and save Mariko. She tells him that her mother, who was once Shingen’s assassin, was killed by the old man. And now, Yukio wants revenge on Shingen.

This is not a pretty sight
Later, Logan and Yukio went to Asano’s place. Except that, they find him murdered. Then, the police arrived and accused Logan for his death. Well, Logan had no choice but to fight his way out. And then, later, the Yakuza arrived.

Even Yukio joins in the fun

Wolverine and Yukio beat them all up and escaped. And then, they were confronted by one of Shingen’s assassin, Kikyo Mikage. Actually, the guy is an original character.

Wolverine VS. Kikyo
The story still remains interesting if only they could done more. I noticed that it doesn’t has much excitement as Iron Man. But Iron Man is still worst when it comes to execution. Anyway, it’s too early to tell if this show will not end up like Iron Man.