I better stop reading those posts in MAL since most of them are a bunch of party poopers. Anyway, the 1st half of the episode shows Wolverine VS. Kikyo. During the battle, Logan finally figured out that Kikyo is the one who killed Asano. Well, that first part was a bit exciting and a little boring.

One Molotov cocktail coming right up.

But here’s the fun part. When Yukio and Wolverine busted Kurihagi’s drug deal, a familiar face appears….

It’s Omega Red.

Whoa, so now they’re bringing in the X-Men villains in this show. So, maybe Sabertooth and Lady Deathstrike might come in here too. BTW, I noticed in the ED that there’s a Wolverine VS. Sabertooth. I was wondering if that will happen since, you know, Wolverine and Sabertooth hated each other. I think it would be interesting if Wolverine will be fighting the X-Men villains.