I haven’t blog much these days because of school and that I’m about to graduate this year. So, I prioritize my school more than my hobby. Yes, it’s my last semester in college. Why waste it? 

Anyway, Cart Driver’s Spring 2011 anime chart is now out. And I already made my choices.

I’ll watch
*C: The Money of Soul and Possibility of Control
*Ano Hana
*Ao no Exorcist

I’ll try to watch
*Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (both TV and OVA)
*xxxHolic: Rou Adayume

I think Spring has the most interesting shows compared to this season. Actually, I haven’t watch much Winter 2011 shows except for Starry Sky, Level E and Wolverine. All the other shows were plain generic. Of course, there are some planned shows that I still need to watch.