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Mother Russia makes me strong!

Yes, Wolverine got beaten up, throw up and down and strangled by Omega Red. This just shows that Omega Red remains one of the most classic X-Men villains to date. I think it would be better if the English dub would be released since I like to imagine Omega Red speaking in a Russian accent and, of course, Wolverine being voiced by Steve Blum. Yes, that Steve Blum.

You Canadians, don’t get what’s like in the cold Siberia!

Anyway, the flashbacks of Wolverine stealing the Carbonadium Synthesizer is also from the comics. Except that in the comics, he’s with Maverick and Sabertooth. Also, I was hoping if other Marvel characters like Matsu’o Tsurayaba (spoiler: he’s responsible for Omega Red’s release and  Mariko’s demise later on)  and the Hand would also appeared.

Is that all you got, bub?
Anyway, I like how clever Logan used his surroundings to fend off Omega Red. But, like I said, his ass his getting whipped by him. Also, I find it disappointing that Yukio doesn’t do much here except that I just realize that she’s a tsundere.

Tsunderes also exist in the Marvel Universe
I’m liking this show better than Iron Man.

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