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Whoa, I can’t believed I’m so busy this month that I haven’t watched enough anime. But that’s okay,  most of this season’s shows were not actually my taste. I’m getting tired of the current trends of the industry today. Anyway, I’m now watching 3 shows: Starry Sky, Wolverine and Level E.

  • Starry Sky- when the anime was announced, I thought that this is about a bishie personification of Zodiac Signs similar to Hetalia. But I was wrong when I found out that it’s based from an otome game. So, I was excited to see this since the boys are cute and I really want to try and play this game. And until now, I haven’t downloaded the game yet T_T. So, when I watched the anime version, I got bored. Srsly, 10 minutes? Or should I say 20 minutes since two episodes covered on one boy. But yeah, I felt that there’s something lacking in this show. I think this is just a way to promote the game. So far, we only cover 3 boys.
  • Wolverine- ever since I got disappointed by Iron Man, I didn’t anticipate much on this show. But then, after hearing reviews and watching the first episode, I began to enjoy this show better than Iron Man. At least, Madhouse learned their lessons but there’s still a need for improvement. Plus, it’s a good thing that they based from the comic arcs of Wolverine and brought in some of X-Men characters in it.
  • Level E- actually, this came out from nowhere. After reading initial reviews, I better try out this. And srsly, this is the funniest show for this season. The main protagonist, Prince, reminded me of Nino from Arakawa Under the Bridge at first. But when he showed his true colors, he’s more like Izaya’s predecessor. In fact, the recent episode really cracked me up. Srsly, the Prince should get an Oscar award for Best Original Screenplay! BTW, this show really reminded me of NieA_7 (which was shown back in AXN-Asia before when they used to air anime).

Other shows I’m watching are Sengoku Basara II. Yeah, I just finished the first season and it was great! I love Masamune’s Engrish! XD Plus, the action is cool and awesome. I even watched the gameplays in youtube too. It really makes me wanna play the game too. I think after Sengoku Basara II, I’ll try The Big O. Yeah, it’s an old anime (made in the 1999 actually) but I like the noir experience despite that it has mecha. I’m still waiting for Supernatural but I’m just wondering how the hell are they going to release it.