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After waiting for one month, SGKK-Doki finally subbed episode 14 (or the epilogue episode) of Senkou no Night Raid. I mentioned about itlast year about and clearly, I was a bit right.

So, he suited up!

Kazura is doing spy work for the Kempeitai. They want him to investigate on a supposed rebellion made by some young Imperial officers and these Imperial officers happened to be Kazura’s classmates in  military school.Kazura was forced to comply. So, as usual, he did his James Bond work.

Meanwhile, Yukina went to Natsume’s family to gave back his belongings. His sister requested her to give a lucky coin charm (which Natsume treasured) to his younger brother who is also a soldier.

Then, Kazura investigates the military headquarters until he coincidentally meets Yukina. The two shared a small conversation. Yukina wants to stay connected to Kazura. But Kazura doesn’t want to. Later, Kazura meets his former classmate and later, they had dinner in his house. His classmate told him his views about the military and government and how corrupted they were. This resulted to him in joining the rebellion for “the greater good”. Wait, isn’t that phrase mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Now Kazura needs a mask and blades—oh, wait, that’s Darker than Black.
Anyway, Kazura was asked by the head of the military police to investigate further. So, he snucked in the military headquarters via teleportation. He found a pamplet which contains details of the planned rebellion which will be set on February 26. Kazura told the information to the military police. Except that, he gave them the wrong direction on where the meeting will be held. Apparently, the military police found out that they were being tricked and they chased down Kazura.
The head of the Kempeitai is not pleased and when he’s about to executed him as a traitor. Someone comes in for the rescue…..

With the help from Yukina, Aoi helps Kazura escape. Aoi tells him that he survived the plane crash but he’s paralyzed for months which is why he cannot meet him. Eventually, Kazura told Aoi and Yukina that he will join the rebellion. Aoi reminded him that he’s going to the same direction as Isao. Later, Yukina gives Kazura the lucky coin charm and requested him to give it to Natsume’s brother if they ever cross paths. She also said a short phrase, “Value your honor” and that this charm can prevail death. So, after Kazura parted ways with his former colleagues, Aoi goes with Shizune. And I was right, he did try to do what Adam Sandler did in 50 First Dates.

Aoi comments about Kazura’s new look.

The rebellion known as  the February 26 Incident has started. Yukina narrates that since the rebellion failed, it is unknown whether Kazura was arrested or executed or killed since she doesn’t know his real name. I would imagine that if Kazura was executed or killed, it will just like that Tom Cruise movie, Valkyrie. Or if he was imprisoned and after the war, was released, he would be watching over history. But I think he survived and escaped due to his abilities and he would go into hiding.

50 First Dates in 1936
I read more on the February 26 incident. The staff didn’t seem to make it clear on the other reason why the Imperial Army officers were inspired to start a coup de’tat. They were inspired by Ikki Kita’s writings and that guy happens to be an ultranationalist. Well, I couldn’t blame those young officers and Kazura for that because they saw the corruption within the military and government and that many people were suffering (Funny, that this reminds me of current issue on our military forces in our country). But clearly, their actions inspired the Empire to become more ruthless which resulted to the atrocities of World War II.

Sure I get the message from the staff regarding the dangerous use of nuclear weapons. But I think they made a clear message that whatever kind of government  that each country had (like the Philippines, Egypt and even North Korea), there’s still corruption. It’s still a big issue throughout the world. Srsly, I would imagine what if Japan had the same experience that Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries are experiencing right now. You know, protesting the streets, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails etc. That might be possible but, nah. I checked that Japan has a less perception on corruption (unlike ours obviously) but they still have issues on it. But, of course, the people of Japan were no longer radicals anymore except for some (yes, I’m looking at you, Ishihara, you son of a bitch).

Still the rest is history

BTW, there’s also a picture drama (you know, those short stories that maybe or maybe related to the storyline, e.g.: Code Geass). I talked about it in the next post.