We’re back on Logan VS. Omega Red. It’s a good battle where Logan used every trick in the book to defeat him. And thanks to Yukio’s help and that carbon synthesizer’s blinking red light indicates that he is up to his limit, Omega Red got knocked out. AIM picks up an injured Omega Red and fixes him up.

Ah, shoot!

Hey, you’re alive?

But then, Logan receives a warning from Shingen’s mook that he and Mariko are leaving the country. So, Logan and Yukio rushes to the mansion. But it’s too late as Shingen and Mariko are already heading to Madripoor. Instead, they met Kikyo………again *sigh*.

Funny that yakuza mooks get first class.

You again?

When Logan accuses him for killing Asano, Kikyo denies about it since he doesn’t know it. But still, they fought as the police arrived. So, they brought the battle to the top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building. Meanwhile, the police received results from Asano’s autopsy which proved that Logan didn’t killed Asano. But one striking evidence left is a strand of hair which is not a match to Logan.

Another boring fight again.

Hey, small fry, beat it while I take out the Canadian!

While the Logan VS. Kikyo battle is ongoing, Omega Red crashes in for another round. But Wolverine takes out his new carbon synthesizer again. LOL. Sorry, Omega Red. Kikyo decided not to continue his fight with Logan since it’s against his code of honor to fight someone who wasted his stamina on another fight.


Then, guess who’s coming to town………


His visor looks bigger though. But, oh well, it’s good to bring in one of the X-Men most especially that the X-Men anime version is coming up on Spring. So now, Logan and Yukio are heading to Madripoor.