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And so xxxHolic finally ended after 8 years. I’m a bit disappointed on the ending (if that’s really the ending).

Anyway, it seems that Yuuko (for those read the manga, we all know that she passed away) wants Watanuki to move on and then, we found out that it’s already passed 100 years. Watanuki is now talking to Doumeki’s great-grandson. And until now, we have no idea about the egg which Doumeki (and his grandson) possessed. But I’m assuming that that egg might be something else. Maybe a memory-wiper or something to end Watanuki’s immortality. The ending left an open-ended one. So, it might be possible that we might get to see Watanuki and the rest of the xxxHolic cast again. Maybe in CLAMP’s other works. Who knows….

Now, I noticed that most of the readers (including those DouWata fans) are very disappointed (and even angry) at the ending. I guess this is the same feeling that the Umineko VN fans felt after Episode 8 (or the last arc of the visual novel) was released in which it doesn’t really give a definite answer on who’s really the culprit on the Rokkenjima murders. But probably when the weeks will pass, I think all the drama and hate will die as always. Sure there are still those who will (and will always) remain bitter. But, come on, let’s just move on and stop acting like it’s the end of the world. I just don’t like drama queens.

For me, I felt that the ending is lacking something. It’s anti-climatic and weak. It seems that there’s no possible storyline for xxxholic. Idk. To me, it seems that later chapters were very episodic. But I had faith in CLAMP for their future works. I think it would been better if CLAMP would make an epilogue chapter just like what they did in TRC so that there would be a proper ending for this series. Anyway, I already put Gate 7 on my list. I hope CLAMP could continue their other works which are on hiatus (though it’s unknown whether they can continue X/1999, no thanks to Bill 156)

But I like the manga as a whole. For the past 6 years, I enjoyed reading all the crazy and twisted adventures that Watanuki and Yuuko had faced. The TV and OAV adaptations were all right except that it confuses those who are not readers of the manga. I like the whole cast except for Kohane’s bitchy mother. So far, this manga is one of best that I’ve ever read.