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My childhood memory fails me for the past years. But with a chance of luck, I finally found this show.

Night Hood

Actually, I was 6 years old when I first saw this in some channel which no longer exists. Yet, I can’t remember what the story is all about. Then, after googling and wikipedia-ing, it’s about Arsene Lupin. Yes, Lupin not Lupin III (you know, from the anime).  Anyway, this Lupin is different. He’s like Batman. My God, why do I always fell on those who are like Batman? Hei, Mamoru Hijikata, Roger Smith and now Lupin?! Anyway, this guy has a cape, a monocle and an awesome cane. Plus, he leaves a signature card and a rose after he does his deed. And not mentioned, he’s a Master of Disguise with some crazy gadgets. That guy is awesome. He’s not a ladykiller if I remember.

Luckily, YouTube has the episodes of this show. Now I can watch it again.

BTW, it’s pronounced as Loo-PAN not Loo-PEEN as most anime viewers would say.