I’m surprised that Toshiyuki Morikawa (known for his roles in Bleach, D.Gray-man and also known for being Tom Cruise’s dubber) voiced Cyclops aka Scott Summers. Did he dubbed Cyclops in the X-Men movies (you know the live-actions ones) and even the cartoons? BTW, Logan calls Scott, Cyke so, yes, it’s canon for those who don’t read the comics.

Well, time for me to go back to the set to finish shooting X-Men

Anyway, he has a short role here: being Wolverine’s personal taxi driver. LOL. Anyway, it’s nice how Logan and Scott interact. Most especially that they have feelings for the same girl, Jean Gray. Don’t worry, we’ll see him again in Spring 2011 along with the other X-Men. It would be good if Wolverine would also come back in the X-Men anime. But that’s another story.

You messed up the wrong guys

After Scott left, Logan and Yukio were ambushed by the islanders. But the two showed off their badassery to these thugs. Logan left Yukio to deal with those thugs while he heads out to find Mariko. Apparently, he still got ambushed by the islanders who are more like a bunch of criminals. Looks like they messed up the wrong guy.

Mind if I borrow this?

Despite that, Logan is still chased by the angry mob. Then,  he’s saved by a strange girl, who threw knives at the mob. The girl is part of those criminals who are against Kurohagi and explains that those thugs who attacked Logan were in league of Kurohagi. She explains that those guys have no choice but to join him to ensure their survival.

Another useless kid

Meanwhile, Kurohagi received a report that Logan is in Madripoor. So, now, he sends some weird gigantic monster to attack Logan.

This episode seems boring actually. It’s good to have Cyclops at the start but the rest is way downhill. And now, Wolverine is faced with some gigantic monster who looks like Raijin. Since when did Kurohagi had the power to control gods, huh?

Mariko looks very bored that she has nothing to do in this episode.