Finally, internet connection is back. Don’t worry, I’m still going to continue blogging Wolverine as long as I have to prioritize school first. Anyway, I’ll blog episode 7 first and then, episode 8 tomorrow .

What do you think about this scene?

Logan and the girl (named Min) were chased by the giant statue called Vadhaka, which is said to be the guardian spirit of the island. And to add more of the burden, they were also chased by the thugs. The stupid statue managed to get Logan and Min. Logan tells Min to runaway as he deals with the statue. Later, Yukio arrives to save Min and later Logan. But then, the statue knock out Logan and Yukio. Before it crushes Logan with his bare hands, Min proves herself to be useful by using the pipeline of hot steam on the statue

Yukio: Srsly, Logan, aren’t supposed to be saving your girlfriend?!

But Logan and Min were unable to save Yukio due to the chaos happening around the island. So, Min brought Logan to the underground tunnel. But Logan got impatient until he met Master Koh who had this awesome sword cane. Later, Kikyo showed up in the island too. Srsly, why did he exist in this show?

Take a quick guess on who’s Koh’s lookalike. Clue: he’s from Metal Gear Solid.

Meanwhile, Koh showed Logan the shortcut to Kurohagi’s main base. He told him that he and his resistance group want to retake the island once they get rid of Kurohagi. He also warned him that Kurohagi’s wedding was moved on an earlier schedule. Logan also learned that Koh knew about Shingen.

Koh revealed that he and Kurohagi’s father were enemies. Kurohagi allied with Shingen in which the latter sent an assassin to Koh. That assassin happens to be Yukio’s mother, Miyuki. But then, Miyuki fell in love with Koh’s son, Kai. Koh was upset about this but he decided to help the Romeo-and-Juliet couple run away from the island. However, they got caught by Kurohagi and Shingen. Shingen kills both Miyuki and Kai as Koh watched. Koh escapes but Kurohagi injures him on the leg.

Back to the present, Kurohagi showed a video to Logan that he has Yukio as his prisoner. Then, Koh revealed that Yukio is actually his granddaughter.

Actually, the back story is far more interesting than the statue chase part.