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Big Brother is watching you….

Kurohagi tells Logan that he has Yukio hostage and if he wants her back, he must surrender. Apparently, Logan has no choice but to save her since Kurohagi is mocking him. Koh reminds him that they still need to bring him down and this is where Logan learned that Koh is focused in killing Kurohagi rather than taking care of granddaughter. Then, Koh tells him a short history about Madripoor that it is an island where criminals around the world gather and reside. To keep outsiders off the island, they made deadly traps and one of which is called Hell Road which is a short path to Kurohagi’s base, Dragon Palace. Koh tells him that he has no idea what kind of traps are there since no one never came back alive when they pass to that road. So, Koh and Logan created a diversion plan where in Logan will let himself be the distraction while Koh’s resistance group will march underground to the palace.

You have been evicted from the Big Brother house

Meanwhile, Yukio tries to escape from her captors. But Kurohagi shoots her with the same drug used against Logan in episode 2. He also tested a new drug which can kill any mutant to one of his mooks. He also knew about Yukio’s parents and told her that she will have the same fate as them.

Later, Logan arrives with his motorbike and as usual, beats the crap out of everyone despite all the traps that are set up. Then, he saves Yukio, who acts tsundere as usual. Then, Yukio learned that Logan met her grandfather who she hates. She said that her grandfather is obsessed in retaking Madripoor instead of avenging her parents’ death which is why she left. But Logan doesn’t give a damn about it since he’s just here to save Mariko. While preparing for the wedding, Kurohagi throws a tantrum when he heard that Logan is making his way to the palace. And now, Logan and Yukio are prepared to pass Hell Road.

Meh, a boring episode. I wonder what will happen in the finale since we’re nearing to the end. I’ll blog episode 9 tomorrow since the subs were out. Man, these fansub groups are really picky. BTW, I’m still looking for Supernatural the Animation since it’s already out.