It would be better if they call the road, “Pointy Road” instead of “Hell Road”

So, Logan and Yukio got ambushed by a rain of spears, 300-style. But they deflected them. Next, they almost fell into the pit ala Mortal Kombat. But Logan managed to use his claws and grabbed Yukio’s circular knife. Yukio gets out first to beat up the locals as Logan get outs. And then, they were confronted by a bunch of battering rams which they destroyed. And then, the locals (since they’re not a big happy community) started attacking each other, resulting to the lost of balance.

Aw man, they wrecked my awesome bike!

Meanwhile, Kurohagi notes  the stupid statue’s failure to kill Logan until he receives news that Logan passed the first gate of Hell Road. Kurohagi is pissed that he ordered the wedding ceremony to start early. Koh learns that Logan managed to pass Hell Road with Yukio and notes that he’s willing to do everything to bring down Kurohagi even though he has to make sacrifices. His resistance group started to go worried if Logan will make it and if Yukio will be all right. Min tells them that they have to believe in Koh.

Srsly, can the bad guys make better death traps?

Koh’s resistance group reached upper ground which turned out to be the entrance of Hell Road. Later, Logan learned that he’s actually a minesweeper of Hell Road since there’s no secret underground passage. So, he and Yukio went on and finally reached the entrance of Dragon Palace. But they were confronted by Kikyo………again *sigh*

So, the next episode: it seems that Kurohagi is not a big fan of Kikyo. And Logan will fight that useless mutant samurai and that stupid statue, who just got an upgrade. This episode is quite good with a lot of action. Next episode might be lame.