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Just to inform that due to the earthquake, some of the Winter shows were postponed for a week. Hence, it’s very likely that the release dates of the Spring animes will be pushed back in a week. I’m surprised that Level E and Wolverine continued to air while Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (yes, I started watching this after the earthquake just to relieve the anxiety and tension that I’ve seen in the news) is pushed back a week later. Now, let’s on go with our favorite mutant.

I wonder how much did Kurohagi paid to Willy Wonka just to get the glass elevator…

Logan doesn’t want to waste his time on a stinky mutant samurai. Then, Kurohagi comes out in his glass elevator which he stole from Willy Wonka LOL. Anyway, Kikyo declines to kill Logan since he is aware that Kurohagi sent another assassin to Logan. Actually, the stupid statue is not the other assassin. LOL, that’s lame way to say that.

Freaking lame upgrade

I’ll just skip on the fight because it’s boring. After the fight, Koh and the resistance group managed to reach Dragon Palace. Yukio finally meets her grandfather. I was expecting what the two are going to say to each other. Kurohagi orders his mooks shoot down the intruders. Min tries to save one of her teammates then, Yukio tries to protect her. Except that, it was Kikyo to cut down the guns because it’s against his code not to hurt those who are unharmed. Kurohagi is not pleased.

Even anime characters sense the Tohoku earthquake

Logan is all right (duh) but the stupid statue still curb-stomps him until he’s about to kill Koh. Min shields him and gets thrown by the stupid statue. Yukio catches her in time and Logan is pissed on what the stupid statue did to Min. But Kikyo disarms the stupid statue’s weapon since it’s against his code. Logan realized that Kikyo is not a bad guy after all and helps him anyway.

As she dies, Min tells Koh to continue in going after Kurohagi. Well, considering that the stupid statue got an upgrade and that Min is not a mutant nor has regenerative abilities, it’s a safe bet that she would die from internal bleeding. Yukio feels bad about it.

The fight against the stupid statue continues. Logan figures out the statue’s weakness which is on the mouth. So, he hits it there and then, comments on A.I.M.’s stupidity as always. Now, it’s time for the big showdown. I felt bad for Min and that feeling is the same when Sakurai (from Iron Man) died. The teamwork between Logan and Kikyo was great in which Kikyo redeemed himself that he’s not some useless mutant samurai.

The next episode will be very exciting as Logan and co. had already entered Dragon Palace. So, we’ll anticipate Koh vs. Shingen battle, Yukio’s revenge and of course, Logan crashing the wedding and saving Mariko. Now, the big question is: will the two final episodes show the same thing as in the comics? Will Mariko meet her fate here?