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I thank Rin (of Love-colored Sky blog) and  domshiki (of 4 Shiki blog) for the hilarious reviews of the game. It really made me wanna play this game even though I have no PSP T_T. On second thought, someone said that there’s a program where in you can play PSP games on PC. Hmm…

Anyway, I’ll bring on the cast of this game:

Tadashi Miyanomori (the eldest guy with the glasses): Atsushi Miyauchi
-I only knew two roles of him: Kuse the teleporting soldier from Night Raid and Daiju Mononobe from Eden of the East. Oh and he played a minor role in Tatami Galaxy as the cat ramen cart owner. I check his blog and he’s a smoker. I know that smoking can change the quality of your voice but whoa, this guy has a sexy voice. I’m confused with his voice to Hiroaki Hirata because they almost sound alike.

Isami Miyanomori (the 2nd elder brother in that hot military uniform): Hideki Tasaka
-I also knew two roles only: Takuro Sakibaba from Persona- trinity soul- and Duero McFile from Vandread. He does have a couple of main roles in the past but recently, not much.

Shigeru Miyanomori (the 3rd brother who crossdress, jk): Takeshi Maeda
-My, my, why isn’t it Mr. R from Kichiku Megane. Don’t worry he’s not a perv like him. But his mannerisms were a bit like Mr. R.

Susumu Miyanomori (the 4th brother who is a police officer): Atsushi Kakehashi
-this guy is srsly a nobody. Check his list and he doesn’t have any main role and full of supporting/minor roles. That’s sad.

Hiroshi Miyanomori (the 5th brother who likes inventing):Daisuke Kishio
-Srsly, you know who he is. Vampire Knight? Durarara? Letter Bee? Zoids?

Masashi Miyanomori (the 6th brother who is a girly tsundere): Nobuhiko Okamoto
-Again, you srsly know who he is. If you don’t, then guess who is Accelerator in Toaru Majutsu no Index? Or Tohru Mutou in Shiki?