Whoa, fansubbers sure are taking things very slow. Well, I better blog episode 11 first and then the final episode tomorrow.

Kurohagi retreats back to his lair and Ko still pursues him which pisses Yukio. Anyway, seeing all the chaos and death around him, Logan heads to Dragon Palace together with Yukio and Kikyo. Kurohagi warns Shingen that his rival had arrived and Shingen looks a bit excited. Kurohagi also tells Mariko that her lover also arrived and I can tell you that Kurohagi is trying his best to look creepy here.

Srsly, Kurohagi, your creepiness doesn’t really creep me at all!

Back to Logan and co, I noticed that the animation here looks very simplified. Anyway, Koh enters the palace, keeps himself hidden from the guards and finally meets his rival, Shingen. Kurohagi drags Mariko into the wedding and impatiently wanted it to start despite that Shingen is not around. Anyway, the old man decided to get rid to Koh once and for all. He points that Koh has given much importance against Kurohagi than his son’s killer. Koh denies it and attacks him. But Shingen, being a crazy old samurai, beats him and before he gives the final cut, a vengeful Yukio arrives. Koh tells her not to get involve but Yukio tells him that she doesn’t care since she knows that her grandfather is after Kurohagi. Then, Shingen looks excited that he’s ready to get rid of them both.

Yukio’s hyperspace arsenal of knives!

Meanwhile, Logan’s super hearing senses that the wedding is ongoing and Koh and Yukio are fighting Shingen. The latter incapacitates Koh which let Yukio gave her furry of knives against him! Actually, the old guy doesn’t care about that as if they’re like mosquitoes. Then, Logan arrives and Shingen is very irritated for his crashing of a good fight. He’s also not pleased of Kikyo’s betrayal. Anyway, Logan finds Mariko in which he behaves like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Titanic and Mariko is like Kate Winslet’s character. Lol, that’s so cheesy.

Hey, baby! Daddy’s home!

My hero~!

As he dies, Koh tells Yukio that he regrets for not being able to protect her parents but he is able to protect her til the end. Yukio seems to accept his forgiveness. Meanwhile, Kurohagi takes Mariko hostage and places a gun on her head. He threatens Logan about it. And then, Mariko said to Logan that she still loves him and Logan reminds her that he’s still going to get her back. Kurohagi is pissed that the cheesiness but Logan is about to break his wrist until Shingen’s super wind slash knock him out. Kurohagi takes away Mariko and now, it’s time for Logan VS. Shingen.

The music in this episode improves except for the ED. Now, I know what’s going to happen here obviously (no, not because of the preview or the episode 12 spoilers that are around). Everybody dies except Logan, duh!