Well, it ends.

Mortal Combat!

Now, it’s time for the last round between Logan VS. Shingen. Apparently, it’s very predictable because despite Shingen, delivering the killer blow, Logan will eventually heal. Duh, he’s a mutant. Anyway, it’s a battle to death between Logan and Shingen. A surprising element here is that Shingen happens to be wearing a strong  suit that is why he is able to fight freely despite his old age. But it’s getting lame actually. An old man in an armor reminded me of the last episode of Iron Man.



For the last round, Logan defeats Shingen via FATALITY! Then, he tells Yukio to FINISH HIM! Now, Shingen is dead, Yukio confessed to Logan that she’s the one who killed Logan’s special agent friend, Asano, just to direct his anger on Shingen. Logan forgives her eventually and Kikyo warns him that Kurohagi has taken Mariko on the underground. Well, that’s so sad for Yukio and there’s a slight hint that she might have feelings for Logan. But she understood that Logan has Mariko with him and she respects that.

Anyway, another twist here is that Kurohagi actually killed his own father for obvious reasons: power. And now, he’s planning to destroy the Dragon Palace while he and Mariko stays underground. Srsly, what’s up with that? You killed your dad, inherit all his possessions and now, you wanna destroy them? I understand that he just wanted to get rid of Logan. But I think he’s going nuts.

Now that everything is going down, Logan and Kikyo heads down to the underground. Kikyo lets Logan get in the room where Kurohagi and Mariko are. But Kurohagi uses A.I.M.’s weapon against Logan and is about to blow his head off. Mariko defends Logan and then, Logan uses A.I.M.’s weapon on Kurohagi. Now, Kurohagi can join his dad in hell. Good riddance. But Mariko was shot. And this is where Logan began to act like a wuss. Srsly, Hugh Jackman can pull a better performance than that. Well, you know where this is going. Logan screams in agony as he holds his dead lover in his arms.

And then, the credits roll in. You think it’s over? Not yet. It’s time for Logan VS. Kikyo. But sorry Kikyo, Logan needs to be with the X-Men tomorrow. That’s right. X-Men starts tomorrow. April 1. Ironic. It’s even April Fools day.

Wolverine VS. Kikyo. Not going to happen.

I’ll post my review later on. BTW, I will not blog X-Men because I’ll blog Ao no Exorcist and C. I’ll watch Anohana and check out Steins; Gate and Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi. I might see Tiger & Bunny and Fireball Charming later on if they are good.