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I just watched X-Men and Tiger & Bunny last Sunday. Funny. It’s like I just watched two superheroes shows at the same time. Then, I started watching 3 shows in which the settings is in good old days before the cellphones and the internet were invented.


Written by the same guy who did Durarara!!. This is a story told in multiple viewpoints set in the Prohibition-era (just think Goodfellas or The Godfather) in the US. Since that’s the setting, there’s mafia and gang wars with a touch of alchemy. Yes, there’s alchemy but not the one you’ve seen in FMA. You might get confused in the 1st episode. But as you watch along, then you get to understand it. And just like Durarara, there are loads of characters and you don’t even know who’s really the protagonist.


No relation to Hayao Miyazaki’s movie. This is a spin-off of the Ayakashi, a Japanese animated horror anthology TV series and it based on 3 Japanese classical horror stories. Anyway, this show tells about a nameless Medicine Seller in the Edo Period (and later, Taisho Period) who fights off various monsters called Mononoke (a demon). His style in dealing with them is systematic in which he must learn its shape, truth and reasoning. By then, he can unsheath his sword which he used for exorcism. The animation is weird and unique. It’s like reading a children’s book, Japanese-style.

Mouryou no Hako

Based from  a Japanese novel, this series tells about a set of murders of young girls, who were dismembered and stuffed into boxes. Two detectives, an antique book seller and a writer worked together to solve this case. The story is set in the Showa Period. Apparently, this show has a lot of dialogue and it’s even heavier than Senkou no Night Raid or Tatami Galaxy or House of Five Leaves or any other anime with lots of dialogue. But you can survive once you play closely attention to it.

And, of course, I’m waiting for the other Spring animes in which I’ll blog 2 of them. Still waiting for the 2 final episodes of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (C’mon, SHAFT, bring it on!). And currently watching Supernatural The Animation (finally) and Starry Sky (nearly on the verge to drop it despite the sexy voices and the bishies). BTW, I just finished Level E and the ending is great.