Quoted from the blog post of director Mizushima (director of xxxHolic and the upcoming Blood-C)
All right….despite all the stupid things that came from his mouth, Ishihara won again for the fourth consecutive term as governor of Tokyo….Srsly, will the people ever learn? Obviously, NO! Let’s get the facts real straight. How on earth did he won again?

First, Ishihara is under the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) which ruled the House of Representatives for decades until 2009 where the DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan) won and currently leads the government under the party leader and current PM Naoto Kan. But due to the recent earthquake and the crisis on the nuclear power plant, Kan and the DPJ were criticized for their handling of the situation and yet, they didn’t have their candidate to represent since they’re busy dealing with the crisis. And thus, LDP gains the upper hand in winning this elections, earning more seats than DPJ. And of course, Ishihara with his support from his partymates wins….again for the 4th time.Second, despite that Ishihara said about the disaster being a “divine punishment”, he made an apology, visited the affected areas and drank tap water just to prove that it is not contaminated by radiation coming from the wreaked nuclear plant. This same old tactic used by numerous politicians just to gain sympathy from the public. About his apology, I know that when some people apologize, they try to make it look like they’re serious but deep down they’re not.And srsly, a politician who is just visiting affected areas and drinking tap water is something which a voter with common sense would not vote for.

Third, here’s something you should wonder: How come former Philippine president Joseph Estrada is ranked no.2  in the polls last 2010 Philippine Presidential elections? Simple, their charisma. Despite that they hold some bad reputation, they woo their voters with their slogans, platforms, endorsers and speeches. Heck, Ishihara’s speech is very “solid” compared to the other candidates.

Fourth, majority of the voters who voted for Ishihara are middle age and above. No surprise since there are lot of old people in Japan and most of them agree on Ishihara’s low view on otakus. Just so you know, otakus are just a minority. At least, the young voters did their best to vote on their candidates. I was wondering if the majority ever get tired of having this guy again as governor. But again, they rather someone who’s been in the position for a long time rather to have some newbie. Hey, it happens to us. We keep voting the old candidates over the new ones. Most people just realize that the some newbies don’t have the guts to hold the position which is why they rather vote those who  have already been in that position before. It could explain why Erap became no.2 in polls despite his reputation for being corrupt.

Fifth, before he announces that he’s going to run again, Ishihara said he won’t seek for another term. But foreseeing that his partymate is not doing well in surveys and mock polls, he decided to run again and let his partymate back out. Srsly, why let someone who’s already 79 years old to run again? Can you let someone who is fit in all aspects to take the position instead? Come on, not all old people are like Dumbledore.

I smell hypocrisy… (No, this picture is real)
BTW, Ishihara’s said to be a good friend to the Aquinos. *gasp* And it said that he’s the 1st person to tell Cory about Ninoy’s assassination. What about that? I may call it ironic but a politician who is xenophobic, is also a family friend to our current president? I was wondering if Noynoy knew that his “family friend” happens to deny Japanese war crimes in which his own countrymen happen to be victims themselves. Srsly, Noynoy, even thought I didn’t vote for you, don’t ever trust this old man. I’m pretty sure the OFWs and Filipinos who are living in Tokyo are gonna hate you if you’re being too friendly with this guy.

Idk what will be the state of the anime and manga industry. But I’m sure they will come up of something to fight the power. Don’t worry, Bleach and Naruto will still be around. Let’s just wait and see.