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This is the Financial District

This show is a very nice graduation gift for me. Anyway, this is my first time to do a noitamina show. I enjoyed most of the shows in that timeslot. Mononoke, Eden of the East, Kuuchu Buranko, House of Five Leaves, Tatami Galaxy and Shiki are the shows that I’ve watched. And now I’m watching 2 noitamina shows: Ano Hana and C.

Yu-Gi-Oh/Persona 4, Wall Street style

At the start, we get a glimpse of the Financial District which is in another place. The district’s design is very weird but unique. And yet, it reminded me of Mononoke’s setting design. Obviously, this show happens to have the same director who did Mononoke. And now, we’re introduced with2 characters, Soichirou Mikuni, who is in a badass coat, and Q, a girl with reindeer antennae. Anyway, Mikuni’s fight against a salaryman who is beginner in the Financial District reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh. But this time, the cardholders fight too just like Persona 4. I’m getting to understand the concept here. In the Financial District, you fight for money. ANN gives us a detailed description on the show’s settings.

He’s like your everyday college student

Now, we’ll meet Kimimaro Yoga, a working student, who tries to earn some money by doing two part-time jobs and studying very hard. He’s friends with Hanabi Ikuta, who he also has a crush on but jealous that a lot of guys were hitting her.

Hi, I’m Willy Wonka….wanna go to my Chocolate Factory?

Then, on one night, Kimimaro meet a weird clown whose mannerisms remind me of Willy Wonka. XD Yes, he’s like Willy Wonka. In fact, when he moves, you could here the “kaching” sound. BTW, this clown’s name is Masakaki. This guy knows about Kimimaro’s financial problems and offers him some help. And that help happens to be a mysterious ATM card…Then, blam, Kimimaro is in the Financial District and will meet his “asset”, Mashu.

This is your golden ticket to the Financial District

This show really has the vibes of Eden of the East. But Kimimaro is not like Akira Takizawa because Kimimaro is just like most college students who need to earn money in order to have a brighter future. But then, Kimimaro made a deal with the “devil” and I’m sure that if you lose in the Financial District, you could end up like that salaryman who committed suicide during the show. In short, it’s really about money.

Now for the cast, Kimimaro is voiced by Kouki Uchiyima (Natsuno Yuuki of Shiki, Soul Eater Evans of Soul Eater). Mashu is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu (Shiho Sannomiya of Zettai Karen Children, Megumi Shimizu of Shiki). Masakaki is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku Kururugi of Code Geass, and recently, Atsumi Matsuyuki of AnoHana). Q is voiced by Saori Goto (Mary Beriam of Baccano, Chitose Karasuma of Galaxy Angel). Hanabi Ikuta is voiced by Yui Makino (Sakura of Tsubasa Chronicle, Yusa of Angel Beats). And Soichiro Mikuni is voiced by Daisuke Hosomi, who might be a new seiyuu.

The ED animation is also available in the official website. It’s called “RPG” by school food punishment, who also did the ED themes of Eden of the East.