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I finally finished reading the X/1999 manga. So far, in all the 3 adaptations that I’ve seen, the manga version is the best one. The TV version would have been better if they haven’t keep using a lot of repeated scenes which is boring. The movie version is just a mashed up kill-’em-all since the manga is still ongoing. But whether the manga will really end is out of the question.

Due to the recent 2011 Tohoku earthquake, I doubt that CLAMP would even bother to continue it. I know that this manga had experienced a lot of trouble when it was still publishing like the Kobe earthquake and Sakakibara incident. Until March 2003, the publication stopped. Fans and readers blame CLAMP and the publishers for putting the series on hold. But if you look deeply, they (CLAMP and the publishers) did it at their own discretion.

March 2003 is the year when the US coalition on Iraq and the SARS outbreak started. I know that these events are not seen in X/1999 but a war and a virus outbreak are more or less terrible that earthquakes and beheading. Then, here comes 2004 but no, you got a tsunami in Southeast Asia, some terrorist attacks and the Sasebo slashing. 2005 is not a good year since there were still terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina. 2006 might be a bit nice but there was something going on in Lebanon and not to mention, North Korea, looming around. 2007 might be a good year but CLAMP is too busy with TRC, xxxholic and Kobato. 2008, you got rising food crisis in Third World countries, an earthquake in China, a man who killed 7 people in Akihabara, political unrest in Thailand and the global economic crisis in the US. 2009 is not exactly a good year since many famous people died, outbreak of the H1N1, 2 typhoon that hit my country (not mentioned a massacre of journalists in Mindanao). 2010 is also not a good year since the earthquakes in Haiti and then, Chile and North Korea pissing South Korea. And now, 2011, you got the earthquake and the nuclear crisis in Japan and the unrest in the Middle East.

Certaintly, if you look at the time when the hiatus started until to this year, it does show that society around the world is pretty much crap.  But you might be wondering how come some shows, games and books which features these social problems and tragedies were able to get released? I could say that it might be proper timing. The last 2 episodes of Puella Magi Madoka Magica were on hold after the earthquake (since it features a flooded city) at SHAFT’s discretion. But they finally were able to broadcast it on mid-April.Well, it’s because it’s only 12 episodes. But for X/1999, it’s a different story. And not to mention, there’s the 2012 phenomenon. It would have been better if CLAMP could renamed it as X/2012. XD

If you’re still thinking that CLAMP should finish X/1999 despite what had happened in Japan recently, then, you’re an idiot. If you’re still waiting for some news on X/1999 until now despite what had happened in Japan recently, then, you’re ignorant. People in Japan don’t need another depressing story right now. I think the main trigger on why X is on hold is society’s mood, most especially in Japan. I think that after 2011 or 2012, CLAMP may release another chapter of X if there’s a publisher who is willing to release it.

I know some of you might disagree on me and think that CLAMP shouldn’t continue the manga. I really do want X to finish but considering how society’s mood is, I don’t think CLAMP is planning to continue while their country is recovering. I’ll quote on what my friend said in Facebook, "Maybe 2012 is real but not because of God’s intervention but because of "MAN" and his stupidity of trying to be supreme…" Sure, that CLAMP is very sensitive on social issues around the world. But they’re aware that in this century, society have a bunch of bastards.