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And now here’s Ao no Exorcist….

Damn, those punks never appreciate hard rock!

WHAAAT!? Those punks you beat up don’t appreciate Led Zeppalin?! CURSES!

I like the character design and I like how they did the funny faces. Plus, the OST is awesome most especially the part when Father Fujimoto arrives to save Rin.

Meet Father Fujimoto (the Okamura brother’s foster dad) and Yukio Okamura, Rin’s little brother
Anyway, they introduced the 2 brothers in which Yukio is the more responsible one than Rin, who skips school.

Gee hee!

BTW, they did a filler scene here. You know, Rin, getting hired and working in a grocery store. And then, he chases a demon who got that poor little girl’s scarf. In the manga, Rin didn’t make it to his interview and is still attack by those demon punks. And there’s no demon chasing in the store. However, I like the 1st episode. Sure, the pacing is slow but I think they did that in order to get the original material going. ANN already announced that this show will have 24 episodes and that the mangaka, Kazue Katou is getting involved in this anime.

Whoa, this is what happens if you combine Pepsi Blue with Tequila Sunrise….

BTW, the ED is hilarious. Sure, there’s just showing the driveway. But if you look closely, the male cast were doing the dance of the Kpop band, 2PM. Once the PV of “Take Off” is out, I would imagine the whole male cast dancing the choreography.

K-Pop invades anime XD

Now to the cast: Rin Okamura is voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto (Tohru Mutou of Shiki, Accelerator of To Aru no Majitsu Index), Yukio Okamura is voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Lelouch of Code Geass, Shinra Kishitani of Durarara). And Fr. Shirou Fujimoto is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (Tony Stark of Iron Man, Col. Maes Hughes of FMA).

I’ll introduce the rest of the cast in the next episode.