I just watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica and the ending is so beautiful and bittersweet. Ironically, it’s aired on Good Friday. Now, back to C:

CGI-version of me looks awesome!

So, Kimimaro enters the Financial District in which he was cultured shock. Then, Masakaki explains how the Financial District works:

  • Entrepreneurs have to make “deals” (or in simple terms, battle with other entrepreneurs for money) at least once a week.
  • Your Midas card is where your asset stays. The asset is your “persona” in the Financial District
  • The asset will assist you during the deal.
  • If you get bankrupted, you’ll be expelled from the Financial District and you’ll face bigger problems in the real world.

“Financial District” does not mean “red-light district”, got it, buddy?!

Kimimaro’s asset’s name is Mashu. Actually, the asset asked Kimimaro to name her and Kimimaro just looked at his Midas card and read it, “Mashu”. Yes, a very simple name but Mashu accepts it. Now, Kimimaro’s first deal is a black dude with a gigantic asset. Apparently, Kimimaro has no idea on what to do since he’s just a newbie. So, Mashu does all the fighting for him despite getting injured. She’s also annoyed of Kimimaro just standing there and letting himself about to get hit by his opponent. What do you expect? The guy just arrived here and Masakaki didn’t bother to tell him how to fight or what to do.

ZOMG! Stop with the CGI-creepy version of you already!

In the end, Mashu tells Kimimaro to invest which means use your money to give your asset the abilities to fight. So, Kimimaro won which caught the interest of Soichirou Mikuni, who his asset, Q, thinks that Kimimaro may end up just like him. Masakaki is so weird here. I noticed on the way he’s animated as if he’s in 3D. Kimimaro can also converse with Mashu in the real world using the Midas card. In the real world, you could only hear the asset speaking in a robotic voice.

Now, Kimimaro was confused about the black money in which he and those from the Financial District could see while normal people don’t. Those black money are Midas Money, issued from the Midas Bank, But there’s no further explanation on what’s the use of it. Anyway, Soichirou knows about Kimimaro’s dad after he did a background check on him. I know that Kimimaro’s dad abandon his son before so, it is possible that he might be involved with the Financial District?

BTW, Kimimaro imposed this question to Hanabi: “What would you do if you has 10 million yen?”. Hanabi’s answer: “Save it”. I guess that answer is very applicable in  real life most especially if you won from the lottery, or from a game show, or when you get your first paycheck.