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(fanart courtesy of pixiv)

Wow, I’m just glad that Senkou no Night Raid is now getting licensed by Sentai Filmworks. But I’m worried that it might not sell well and get a lot of attention from Western viewers since I know that most of them are average viewers and may have short attention span. They might not also be into heavy dialogue shows and/or Asian history and I know that some of them are Republicans who might be sprouting nonsense like "this is an atrocity" blah blah blah. And I know that there are bunch of anime elitists and purists out there who keep saying that it’s boring. Yeah, we all have different taste and opinions as much as we all wanted to eat this massive mac and cheese. And i bet these elitists don’t even have the guts to eat it even though it’s yummy.

I noticed that in the ANN forums, there are really a bunch of ignorant idiots who might have a failing grade in history and keep on complaining on shows they didn’t watched. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure that these people didn’t learn those pre-WWII topics of Asia in their history classes and I know that these haters don’t even bother to watch the show. Guess what, haters? Go watch your ecchi, moe and harem shows for a while and watch this massive meat log. Why? Because I like this underrated anime as much as I like Epic Meal Time with bacon strips and bacon strips and bacon strips and more bacon strips.

Now, back to Night Raid.. (sorry, I was just watching Epic Meal Time and it’s awesome). I’m still wondering…..are they going to let the English voice actors speak foreign languages the same way the Japanese voice actors did? Or they will let them speak pure English? We’ll just find out. I hope that the American licensor companies could pick up the other animes which are still underrated by the masses. And I hope that there would be more spy anime too since I’m getting tired with all this ecchi, moe and harem animes.