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What up! A lot of things happened since March but Japan is slowly rebuilding. For now, I’m watching 7 Spring 2011 animes.

  • X-Men- this third Marvel anime is way better than the 2 previous Marvel animes. The animation looks great and the character designs look good.  Though I have few complaints on Storm, going into fatigue, which is very rare. They managed to relate the story from the comics but they better not mess it up like what they did in Wolverine. You probably know who Emma Frost is (she’ll show up in the upcoming movie, X-Men: First Class). And Hisako, she’s also from the comics.
  • Tiger & Bunny- when I saw the promos, I was like “meh”. But when I watched the 1st episode, I was like “Whoa, it’s not bad after all”. It tells about superheroes with real product placement. The main protagonist, Tiger (aka Konetsu) became my favorite hero. It’s my first time to see the main character who happens to be parent himself in an anime. Yeah, it’s actually rare in animes to have a parent as the main character. Never like this partner Bunny Barnaby actually. But we’ll see if he’s worthy. Nonetheless, it’s a funny show with loads of BL hints since pixiv has tons to BunnyxTiger fanarts.
  • Ao no Exorcist- Since I’ve read the manga, I actually know what’s going on the anime. And since it’s 20+ episodes, there are filler scenes (or episodes). I assume that they’re going to the same way as the first FMA and I hope this will not be filler failure like Bleach or Naruto. I have no clue on how will they end it since the manga is still ongoing (currently 23 chapters). But I assume they’re going to make an anime-original ending and later, a second season.

I’ll present my impression on the 4 Spring animes once their 3rd or 4th episode shows up.