Now, we’ll meet Jennifer Satou, the lady with white hair and wearing sunglasses who also watched Kimimaro’s first battle in the Financial District in the last episode. Apparently, she is a beginner entrepreneur despite that she’s been in the Financial District for the 51st time and only have 11 deals. It turns out that her organization is actually investigating on the Financial District’s true nature and she’s assigned in Tokyo’s Financial District. She’s also stalking Soichirou who made a big influence in the Japanese economy and used different aliases.

“Do you want to make a contract with me?” ◕ ‿‿ ◕

Meanwhile, Kimimaro went to his aunt in order to learn more about his dad. It turns that his dad is indeed involved with the Financial District since he found his notebook full of numbers and the word “Midas”. So, Kimimaro went to the Financial District to ask Masakaki about him. Instead, Soichirou helps him in which he led him a certain entrepreneur (a photographer) who knew about the dad. It turns out that his dad (nicknamed, “Niggard”, Idk if this name is insulting or what) lost in the deal in which he became bankrupted. And in the real world, he killed himself without telling his family about it.

The use of Midas money remains a mystery

Of course, this made Kimimaro wonder about what kind of dad he is. But then, Soichirou pointed out that his dad might be earning money for the sake of his family. The reason of abandoning him might be because he doesn’t want to let the family know that he failed to earn money. The situation of Kimimaro’s dad is very similar to what’s happening in Japanese society. Realizing that you lost a lot of money and incurred a lot of debts can make you depress to the point of committing suicide considering that the standards in living in Tokyo is very high. Kimimaro’s belief of living a normal and stable can be true to some. But considering that the generation we’re living is changing, you really need a sense of achievement. And that’s what Soichirou is pointing out: you earn money in order to satisfy your needs. Once you satisfy your needs, then you can gain some happiness.

I’m bored, right now. Mishu doesn’t wanna chat with me.

Whoa, I just rambled too much here. But Soichirou’s and Kimimaro’s conversation is really something that we should reflect on. Anyway back to Satou….Her findings revealed that the Financial Districts have a huge impact  on a country’s economy. But she is curious on the Midas money flowing into the real world. But her boss (who speaks perfect English, btw) said to leave it alone since the Midas money might have influence on the economy. LOL, this the third anime that I’ve watched that has a native English speaker in it. And yes, Satou’s Engrish is bad as always.

Looks like Kimimaro will be fighting his economics teacher….The irony….I can smell it…..