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Most of the noitamina shows that I’ve watched reflect on life and society and sometimes, Japanese culture. Because of these topics, they usually present a lot of dialogue which may bore a lot of people, most especially teenagers. That’s the purpose of the noitamina timeslot because it’s for those who are beyond the typical anime viewers. In short, this timeslot is for young adults and older viewers. However, I heard that the 2 noitamina shows of Winter 2011 (Wandering Son and Fractale) got very low ratings in Japan and that the director of Fractale decided to retire due to the said ratings. I hope that these 2 Spring shows (AnoHana and C) could bring back the honor of this timeslot.
  • [C]- This is one of the noitanima shows that most people are anticipating. The animation is cool and the character designs were great. Though I heard a lot of people complaning about it and some say that this show might turn out to a typical shounen card game instead of focusing on the economy. But it’s actually interesting though that this show reflects on the Japanese society and economy and how one student struggles to make a living. It’s very similar to Eden of the East.
  • Ano Hana- Another noitanima anime which most people are also anticipating. It’s a sad anime actually. It tells about a group of childhood people who went on their separete ways after one of them dies. And now they’re in their teens, they’re to cope with her death and her wish which might bring them back together. I imagine that this would work as a live-action drama too.

I’ll give my thoughts on the last two Spring shows tomorrow once their 4th episodes are out.