• Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san- Just like Starry Sky, this anime is 12 minutes long. Don’t be fooled by the promo art because this show is like South Park only there are demons in it. The story tells about a detective (who is a demon summoner) and his assistant (a working student) who help people solve their problems with the aid of the demons. Apparently the demons are cutesy kinds but in truth, they’re crazy. The detective, Akutabe, manages to tolerate these demons even to the point of treating them like crap. And his assistant, Sakuma, deals with her boss just fine.
  • Sekaiichi Hatsukoi- honestly, I didn’t read the manga yet and I haven’t watch Junjou Romantica. But I enjoyed this show actually. Ritsu is a tsundere to his boss, Takano, who happens to be his former childhood sweetheart, Saga. Ritsu is like most uke who I have seen in most BL mangas: a tsundere. The seme, Takano, is a cocky jerk who would do anything to make Ritsu fall in love with him. Usually, this is the kind of formula that I’ve seem in some romance shows/movies (be it BL or not).  It’s true that it’s a BL anime but somehow, it’s like a BL version of Bakuman where in Ritsu and Takano are helping the shoujo authors with their work.

Yeah, 7 Spring shows plus 2 ongoing Winter shows like Starry Sky and Supernatural (well, this show is already finished). And 2 other shows like Nijuu Mensou no Musume and Himitsu: Top Secret. These 2 shows are detective genres which I like. Probably I’ll try to finish it in a few days. The Summer 2011 chart is out but not much since I know that there are still some anime that needs to have a release date (like Fate/Zero and Persona 4). So, for Summer, I’ll watch Blood-C and No.6. I’ll not watch Blade since I’m not interested in the character and Wesley Snipes.