I love how the staff designed True Cross Academy. It’s like the animated version of Hogwarts

True Cross Academy

A lot of Muggle students here

Yes, the Entrance Hall has an escalator

The cafeteria looks the Great Hall except that there’s no big 4 tables for each house

Like any other classroom

For those who are planning to be Exorcist, Mephisto gives a special key to Rin in which leads him to the cram school of Exorcist which is underground.

So, this is the classroom for Defense Against the Dark Arts?

In Hogwarts, you don’t need to carry your owl, cat, toad or rat in the classroom.

Hello, I’m your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher

Wait, you’re teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts?! But that post is cursed!

Yeah, but I know gunkata

Oh yeah? Then, bring it on!

Don’t worry, these guys were outside the classroom. So, no, they didn’t see Rin’s blue flames.

This episodes has some changes which are not present in the anime:
  • In the earlier flashback, Yukio was bullied until Rin shows up. Then, Yukio told him that he wants to become a doctor
  • In the classroom scene, the hobgoblins came out while the students are still in the classroom and Yukio told them to stay outside while he deals with them. Rin doesn’t want to go out because there are some things that he still needs to ask.
  • There’s also a phone conversation between Yukio and Mephisto. I know that scene should be important just to add the mystery of Mephisto whose, until now in the manga, objectives remains unclear.

But it’s a solid episode. So, next will be about Shiemi.